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Top 10 wide receivers in the 2021 NFL Draft:

Continuing our series of positional draft breakdowns, we have finished up all members of the box on either side of the ball and now move to the guys further away from the ball, catching and defending passes. Today, we are starting with an impressive group of wide receivers.

As we move more and more to wide-open passing attacks at the collegiate game, the quality of players on the receiving end continues to improve. This year, we once again have some tremendous talent at the top and depth throughout the class. My WR20 could be a day two pick in most other years. And it really depends on flavor and scheme fit, where some of these names ultimately go.

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Now let’s talk about this crop of receivers:

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Top 10 wide receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft:

We have already done three weeks of positional rankings for this upcoming draft, including running backs and linebackers, interior offensive and defensive linemen, offensive tackles and edge rushers. Now we move further outside and put the wide receivers in the spotlight.

This might the best and deepest wide receiver class we have seen in a long time. There are six names I have first-round grades on and my entire top ten will end up among the 50 best prospects for me. But even beyond that, there are a bunch of intriguing options and to me it’s the variety this class presents, that excites me the most. You can find those big-bodied targets, deep threats, advanced route-runners and YAC specialists. I would not be shocked if we ended up seeing close to 20 receivers selected within the first two days of the draft.

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Here is the list:

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Top 10 wide receivers in the 2019 NFL Draft:

We have now moved back out of the trenches and gone to the skill-positions. This week will be about wide receivers and cornerbacks, while next week we will to the tight-ends and safeties. After that it’s time to look at the quarterbacks and reveal my top 100 big board, before putting out my one and only mock draft of the year. When it comes to the receiver position, as it is with most, there is a lot of versatility and different teams or schemes ask for different skill-sets. There are your prototypical big-bodied X-receivers, smaller and shifty slot receivers, those taller guys who can almost be used like a seam-stretching tight-ends and everything in-between.

This class of wide receivers has not gotten a lot of love, but similar to the way I talked about the running backs, this is very deep position in my opinion. There might not be that bona fide stud wideout for everybody and I could see only three of them going in the first round, but there are so many quality options from rounds two to four. The twelve names I will talk about in this article all deserve to go off the board and I could easily see a run at them in the second round, where there could go seven or eight of them. As far as my evaluations go, I have two definite first rounders and my entire top ten will earn top-60 grades. I like two other guys a whole lot, who still need some development, and there is a load of talented prospects beyond that, who I will mention at the very end.

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