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Movies With Migs: A Cinematic 5 Piece

What’s happening readers! I apologize for not posting these reviews earlier than today. I’ve been in the theater a lot these past few months so I have some thoughts and recommendations on a handful of movies! Let’s jump right in!

Everything Everywhere All At Once: In this film Michelle Yeoh plays Evelyn, a woman who is dealing with heavy issues while trying to get her taxes done. Her husband Waymond wants a divorce, her elderly father is over-demanding, and the rift between Evelyn and her daughter is growing bigger and bigger. Her life gets crazier when she finds out there is a multiverse and is told she is the only person who can stop an evil presence that wants to destroy it all. This movie is insane! You know that going in because it’s an A24 production. I had to watch this film more than once to wrap my head around everything that was going on. I dozed off the first time I saw it but don’t tell anyone that. I enjoyed how the story gives you some of everything. There’s crazy action, touching drama, humor, and scenes that may make your eyes wide. I know I said “what in the world” when I saw a goon stick a trophy up his butt so he could power up. Yea…..that happens! It was good to see Ke Huy Quan back in action portraying different versions of Waymond. You may remember him as Short Round (Temple of Doom) or Data (The Goonies). Jamie Lee Curtis is a trip in this also. Overall, I thought Everything Everywhere was good, zany flick. If you haven’t seen it you can catch it in the theater still. It should be streaming soon.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness: I thought this film was going to be the fallout from the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home but that wasn’t what happened. A young woman named America Chavez is being pursued by dark forces in order to steal her multiverse jumping ability, which she can’t fully control. When she jumps to Earth 616 and tells Doctor Strange what is going on Strange recruits Wanda Maximoff to help protect America. BIG MISTAKE because Wanda wants that power and she turns the situation into a terrifying cat and mouse pursuit. I’m a longtime fan of Sam Raimi so I had a smile on my face when I found out he was directing this. We get homage to Evil Dead, Spider-Man 2, and the horror element was a nice touch. You may have heard about _____, ____, ______, _____, and _____ being in this film but I won’t say those names here. I’ll say it was cool to see the multiverse opened up and explored some. Wanda in this…….MAAAANNNNNNN!!! She doesn’t play around when she goes full Scarlet Witch. I was cheering for her and I probably shouldn’t have. OH WELL!! I watched this movie in IMAX and Dolby Cinema. Both formats were fantastic! I experienced Cine Capri for the first time when I watched Doctor Strange at a Harkins Theatre in Oklahoma. Cine Capri is an 80 inch screen with Dolby projection and surround sound. That was my 5th time seeing the movie! Doc Strange is still playing in theaters but it’s only being shown in regular format now. It’s streaming on Disney+.

Multiverse Of Madness streaming on Disney+

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent: In this film Nicolas Cage plays Nic “EFFING” Cage. Yes you read that correctly. Actor Nic Cage has been starring in movies for years but the roles aren’t coming in these days and his expensive taste has left him in debt. Cage’s agent informs him that a rich man named Javi wants Cage to come to Spain to attend his birthday party as a special guest and he is willing to pay Cage one million dollars. What was supposed to be a fun weekend and easy payout takes a dangerous turn when CIA operatives tell Cage that Javi is a ruthless arms dealer and they need Cage to help take Javi down. What happens next is pure shenanigans! I enjoyed how meta this film is. The callbacks to movies Cage starred in and the interactions between Cage and Javi are hilarious. It was good to see that Javi is a fan of Mandy. That part of the film made me laugh. Unbearable Weight didn’t do that great at the box office but I enjoyed it. You can buy a copy now or stream it. Check it out if you’re a Nic Cage fan and you haven’t seen it yet. Side note……If you haven’t seen Mandy check that out also. Cage is INSANE in that film!

The Bad Guys: I saw this in Oklahoma at an immaculate Regal Theatre!! I walked into this movie blind and left impressed! In this film a cabal of villains decide they need to change their ways after a robbery gets botched and they get arrested. The leader Wolf agrees to have the gang participate in an experimental group therapy session recommended by the Mayor but the Police Chief isn’t buying it! Can this bad bunch become the “good guys” or are they just putting up an act to stay out of prison? I really enjoyed the story and the animation. The humor lands and the cast/voicing choices were perfect. It’s a fun film for the entire family. I highly recommend checking out The Bad Guys. I picked up the 4K yesterday.

The Bad Guys 4K Collector’s Edition

Top Gun Maverick: It’s been close to 40 years since the original Top Gun and Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is still pushing aircrafts past their limits and making his superior officers very angry! He won’t take a promotion past Captain so he can stay in the air but after a failed test flight Maverick is ordered to report back to the Top Gun program as an instructor. His job is to train a group of ace pilots for an upcoming mission that has parameters which have never been accomplished. Maverick only has a few weeks to train the pilots and the situation is further complicated when he finds out that Goose’s son Rooster is one of the trainees. This film blows the original out of the water in my opinion. I like Top Gun but TG: Maverick has a better flow and the aerial camera work and effects are AMAZING!! I’ve seen this film in IMAX, Dolby, and I experienced Regal Cinema’s “Screen X” for the first time. All three formats were visual treats. Maverick is going strong in the theater so if you are a Top Gun fan you will probably enjoy this. If you have the opportunity to experience it in a premium format go that route. You’re in for an eyegasm!!

A clip of Top Gun in Screen X format: https://www.facebook.com/mikeymrmoney/videos/594284912293583

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