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Movies With Migs: Thor: Love and Thunder (Full Review)

What’s happening readers! If you haven’t seen Thor: Love and Thunder yet then you probably shouldn’t read any further unless you don’t mind reading details of the film. Time to dive in!

In this film Thor has to confront Gorr, a being possessed by a powerful weapon called the Necrosword and using it to murder gods. After Gorr kidnaps Asgardian children Thor has to save them and stop Gorr from wiping out all gods. The situation gets complicated further when Jane Foster arrives in New Asgard wielding Mjolnir as the Mighty Thor!
I’ve never been a huge fan of Thor but I liked Love and Thunder. I watched it 4 times so far. I’ve seen Thor in Dolby Cinema, IMAX, Extreme X and in regular digital format to compare presentations. I thought Love and Thunder was fun for the most part. Gorr’s intro was interesting and the opening with the Guardians of the Galaxy was cool. I chuckled when Thor went Jean Claude Van Damme on the bad guys. Bale’s portrayal of Gorr was fine but I joked about him looking more like Neff from Altered Beast. If you Google that you may get a good laugh. In the comics Gorr has a lizard/snake like appearance. I read that Bale’s look wasn’t the same as Gorr in the comics because the director thought he would favor Voldemort, the villain from the Harry Potter series. Yea I guess…..**shrugs** I wanted to see a longer fight between him and Thor also. Their scuffles throughout the film were intense but they didn’t last that long. I like that first scrap in New Asgard the best. When Thor yoked up Gorr by the throat I marked out for a few seconds! I was on the edge of my seat but the fight ended abruptly. Gorr’s shadow monsters were cool but all the monsters were just there to be battle fodder. Marvel did the same thing with the Chitauri, the Ultrons, and Hela’s legion. I liked Padme becoming the Mighty Thor but some of her lines were super lame. “EAT MY HAMMER!!”…..WOOF!! Her look was awesome and straight out the comics though. The cameos throughout the film were fun for the most part. I got a laugh out of the Asgardian play and the Zeus scene even though both scenes are silly. The running joke with the screaming goats was good and I cracked up over Thor treating Mjolnir and Stormbreaker like pets.
Overall I enjoyed Love and Thunder. I thought the CGI and special effects looked great in premium format. The space effects really popped in Dolby. I watched Thor in a theater that I visited for the first time in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. That was a fun experience. I thought it was cool that Hemsworth had his children and wife in the film. The after credit scenes open the doors for future projects so we shall see what’s next for the God of Thunder. None of Thor’s solo films have blown me away but that’s fine. 3 out of his movies 4 are enjoyable in my opinion. Dark World…..ehh. Thankfully I have the Avengers films when I want to see Thor at his best. I’m still hoping he gets his “Winter Soldier”.
In a few days I’ll be joining my Defy Life bros from Take A Knee on their podcast discussing Love and Thunder so I’m going to go see it one more time to have it fresh in my mind. Look for that episode on all streaming services soon!

Thor: Love and Thunder in Cary, NC

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