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Top 10 quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft:

We have now reached the end of our positional draft breakdowns, as we discuss the most debated position – the quarterbacks. For this list, I value starter traits over a more complete game coming out of college, if I don’t see the physical capability of becoming a long-term option for a team.

As far as this group of signal-caller goes, I believe there’s a big four, that all deserve to go in the top-ten, because the havey superb athleticism and arm talent, then there’s two guys that are kind of in a tier of their own, in the late first and mid-day two window respectively and after that, there’s a big drop-off to more projects, which aren’t close to being ready to start, but have the tools to develop in the right situation.

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Now let’s break down these quarterbacks:

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Top 10 quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft:

We have reached the final version of my positional draft rankings with the long-awaited and much-discussed quarterback class. Check out all my other breakdowns and come back for my top 100 big board later on this week, before I release my one and only mock draft for 2020!

I think a lot of people look at this group completely wrong. I don’t see a top four, but rather two top ten prospects and then a second tier of two QBs that I don’t even have first-round grades on. Then after that there are only four more guys I would even consider on day two, with very little after it. However, there are a few guys I think have a skill-set to be considered developmental prospects and a couple of players I haven’t heard anybody talk about.

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Here is the list:

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Top 10 quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL Draft:

We have finally reached the last and most discussed position to analyze in this upcoming draft – the quarterbacks. Obviously I have spent several hundreds of hours purely on watching film from all these prospects I have already talked about, but with these signal-callers I had to invest even more time. Every year the quarterbacks are the hardest to fully evaluate because not only do you have to consider athletic ability, arm talent and work within the system, but you also have to understand the offensive play-calling, the opposing defense’s scheme, how these guys have to work through progressions and how all of that will translate to the next level. Moreover, this will be the face of your franchise and there are certain leadership and work ethic qualities that are necessary for somebody to succeed.

This group of quarterbacks certainly doesn’t have the same type of high-end quality at the top as last year’s did with four guys within the first ten picks and another one with the final selection of day one, but I think this group has gotten a bad rep by many. While a couple of guys are receiving way too much hype in my opinion, I think there are two hands-down first rounders, seven guys worth being drafted within the first two days, three talented developmental prospects to round out my top ten and a couple of quality backups beyond that.

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