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Top 10 interior offensive linemen in the 2020 NFL Draft:

We have reached week two of my positional draft rankings and it is time to look a little into the trenches, with the top interior linemen on either side of the ball.

This group of includes all centers and guards, which also means the collegiate tackles who I expect to move inside at the next level.

Back in December the interior OL class did not look overly exciting, but with a few very talented centers deicing to come out this year already, there is much more to talk about. Overall this list is ruled by the center position, with two easily earning top-50 grades and seven altogether in my top ten.

Here is the list:

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Top 10 linebackers in the 2020 NFL Draft:

After putting out my top running back prospects on Tuesday, we will follow that up today with the linebackers – as we will jump back and forth between offense and defense until all these rankings are released.

First of all, this to me are primarily off-ball linebackers, meaning no true edge rushers or 3-4 outside linebackers, who I don’t expect to stand up a whole lot.

This group of off-ball backers might not have a big names after the top four, but they are all more athletic than I would have thought before I saw them perform at the combine and they are just absolute freaks at the top as well as a few likely day three selections.

We have one headliner, whose versatility will probably make him a top-ten pick, with two other likely first-round selections and another fringe guy, who played on the edge primarily in college. After that there is a lot of disagreements among the draft community and question marks for pretty much every prospect.

This is the list:

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Top 10 running backs in the 2020 NFL Draft:

We have reached that time of the year where I reveal my top ten prospects in the draft at every single position and as always, we start with the running backs.

This group of backs to me has one true headliner and two other guys, who I would consider in that late first/early second round range. After that there is a bit of a drop-off and I see a lot of variations of the rankings out there. The next five players are worth a day two selection for me, but I see a lot of value in the later rounds with some small-school prospects I really like. So if that top trio is off the board after the top 50 picks or so, it really depends on if there is a guy you really like beyond that and if not, I would wait some time and see if I can address the position later.

With that being said, here is my list:

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Big Board for the 2018 NFL Draft:

Now that we’ve finished up on the positional rankings, it’s time to put all those names in a hat together and rank them regardless of position. It is kind of hard, comparing a running back to a defensive tackle, but it comes down to this – if both these players were available, who would I pick regardless of my team needs? The top two guys on my list, I consider generational prospects.

If you want to read about any of them, I have in-depth analyses on every single one of them among my positional rankings. So make sure to check that out as well!

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Top 10 quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft:

Here we finally are! After spending more than a month on the rankings and analyses of the top prospects at each other position, we are down to the final one – the quarterbacks.

Unlike a lot of scouting pages and grading systems, I don’t weigh accuracy, arm strength, leadership or any of these abilities the same. I look at every factor and grade the total package.

This group of signal-callers includes six potential first rounders and there’s a solid chance four of the top five picks end up being spent on QBs. After that, there’s a lot of different opinions, on who the next guys are. I believe all of my top ten players have a shot at starting for an NFL franchise some day and a few guys at the top could be special players.

I really wanted to go in-depth with these quarterbacks, especially the top guys.

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Top 10 safeties in the 2018 NFL Draft:

We are about to wrap this thing up! After we’ve talked about the running backs and linebackers, wide receivers and cornerbacks, offensive and defensive lines and now tight-ends just recently, we are down to the safeties, before finishing up with the QBs.

This safety group includes a bunch of different players and body-types. Some of them might lack the speed for a high-safety role, others might not have the physicality to come down in the box, and then there’s a bunch of them, who have the versatility to take on different tasks. The NFL is looking for matchup pieces and the safety position has never been this diverse.

In my rankings, I have two safeties, who I believe are both top ten prospects. After that, a lot of the evaluations depend strongly on taste and scheme fit. I could see up to ten safeties drafted within the first two days in Dallas.

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Top 10 tight-ends in the 2018 NFL Draft:

We have come to the final three positional rankings, leading up to the draft. This week I’m going to talk about the tight-ends and safeties, before finishing up with the quarterbacks. Let’s start with the big pass-catchers.

Talking about this position group is always interesting, because there are so many different types of players. You have the true Y-tight-ends, who play in-line and are big parts of a team’s rushing attack, or what basically are big slot receivers nowadays, who don’t want to block at all, plus everything in-between.

There are six tight-ends, who I believe are worthy of a selection through the first two days of the draft and one, who I have a late first-round grade on.

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Top 10 edge rushers in the 2018 NFL Draft:

Back on the edge with this version of my positional rankings. Today I want to take a look at the defensive side of the ball, since I talked about the top offensive tackles a couple of days ago. I categorize 4-3 defensive ends, 3-4 outside linebackers and sub-package pass-rushers as edge defenders.

This class has one headliner, who has a good chance of being the first defender off the board, and four more prospects, who could hear their names called on day one of the draft. All in all, I see a dozen players at the position selected within the first three rounds.

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Top 10 offensive tackles in the 2018 NFL Draft:

After talking about the top interior offensive and defensive linemen last week, we move outside to the offensive tackles and edge rushers. Once again, I’m going to start with the offense and take a look at this tackle class. In a pass happy league, pass protection has to be the main factor for those guys protecting the edges, but I want to see them move people in the run game as well.

This group has two guys, who should absolutely be drafted in the first round and another one, who will end up in my top 50 as well. After those three, my rankings might vary strongly from the mainstream media, but I’m trying to project who I think will develop into quality starters and not necessarily who is ready to go day one.

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