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Ten biggest omissions for the 2021 Pro Bowl:

It’s Christmas time and it’s time some players get the love they deserve, but didn’t get from Pro Bowl voters.

I have a problem with the voting process in general, already because pass-rushing outside linebackers are still in the same category off-ball players, but this year in particular the NFL’s ballot were pretty ridiculous – whether it’s not even showing comma numbers, listing players by categories that shouldn’t be as relevant or even having kickers all with a perfect 100 percent rate for a while, while listing them by total makes rather than percentage altogether.

Considering that, the results weren’t as bad as I thought they might be, because the choices for a few positions are just so much straight-forward, but there are a few glaring omissions

While most people just throw out names of players they like, but don’t tell you who they’d take off, I’m looking for actual solution here. So I will keep names like Ryan Tannehill or Justin Herbert, who are both certainly worthy, in the honorable mentions, because the three AFC quarterbacks are just amazing in their own right.

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Most underrated NFL players at each position:

Usually at this time of the year when the Pro Bowl rosters are revealed, I write an article about the changes I would make, but since this is one of the years where I mostly agree with the results, I decided to just broaden this topic and talk about the most underrated players at every single position. To determine that I obviously look at this year’s Pro Bowl rosters, but also consider public perception and coverage they receive among fans. Because they will make the trip to Orlando, I still took off guys like Grady Jarrett, Matt Judon and Budda Baker, who I didn’t expect to make the cut. So I always present my top candidate for a player who deserves more recognition and then offer three alternative names, who I think don’t get their due. I excluded rookies here, because people might not have really gotten around to watch them yet. So this is my list:

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Pro Bowl 2019 substitutions:

Every year the Pro Bowl rosters are revealed at this time and every year I have a problem with the voting process. While NFL defenses get more hybrid players every year that don’t have a clearly defined position, the league hasn’t adapted the categories people can vote for. That leads to stand-up 4-3 linebackers like Anthony Barr being compared to 3-4 outside linebackers, who primarily get upfield, like Jadeveon Clowney, five-technique defensive ends in a 3-4 being compared to true edge rushers in fronts with four down-linemen and other stuff. My solution would be differentiating between interior D-linemen, edge rushers, stand-up linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties. This would make things easier in terms of comparing job descriptions and not tag players for one specific alignment and responsibility. Offensively I don’t understand why there are only three running back and four wide receiver slots and we also need more depth on the D-line, but let’s work on one issue at a time. Since these are the parameters to work within, I tried to make appropriate exchanges of one player at that position with another and then I listed a few other players I think deserve a trip to Orlando. So instead of just listing snubs, I actually tried to provide solution. I don’t blame the fans too much for some of these mistakes because they are obviously biased for their team, but players and coaches contribute to this with a third of the votes each as well. So I would expect a more objective outcome.

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