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NFL Wild Card recap:

The first round of the playoffs is in the books and the two Super Wild Card triple-headers did not disappoint at all. Let’s recap what happened over the weekend and preview the Divisional Round matchups!

Timestamps for individual matchups are in the description!

NFL week 17 recap:

All 256 regular season games are now in the books and we’ve recapped every single one of them on this channel. In week 17 we saw which double-digit win team would be left out of the AFC playoffs and which sub-.500 team would win the NFC East, plus another 8-8 team that sneaked in despite a loss. It was the return of the old-school run game, with Derrick Henry reaching 2000 rushing yards on the season, Jonathan Taylor going off for an NFL season-high 253 yards and the Ravens being only the second team in the Super Bowl era to rush for over 400 in a game.

Ten biggest omissions for the 2021 Pro Bowl:

It’s Christmas time and it’s time some players get the love they deserve, but didn’t get from Pro Bowl voters.

I have a problem with the voting process in general, already because pass-rushing outside linebackers are still in the same category off-ball players, but this year in particular the NFL’s ballot were pretty ridiculous – whether it’s not even showing comma numbers, listing players by categories that shouldn’t be as relevant or even having kickers all with a perfect 100 percent rate for a while, while listing them by total makes rather than percentage altogether.

Considering that, the results weren’t as bad as I thought they might be, because the choices for a few positions are just so much straight-forward, but there are a few glaring omissions

While most people just throw out names of players they like, but don’t tell you who they’d take off, I’m looking for actual solution here. So I will keep names like Ryan Tannehill or Justin Herbert, who are both certainly worthy, in the honorable mentions, because the three AFC quarterbacks are just amazing in their own right.

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NFL Power Rankings heading into the final three weeks of the 2020 season:

As crazy as this sounds, we are only three weeks away from the NFL playoffs and the picture is starting to manifest itself. In this breakdown I’m ranking all 32 teams and I use different tiers to describe how I feel about them. While there are plenty of statistics to support the cases I want to make for them, I tried to limit those to a smaller degree, because at this point of the season it’s all about what I have learned from studying them every week and what my eyes tell me.

Here we go:


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