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NFL Week 7 recap:

Since I already broke down the Thursday Night game individually (and you can check that out afterwards), this weekly breakdown only includes 13 games, where I tried to give a more general analysis on the less noteworthy matchups and really go into detail for the big showdowns.

NFL quarterback rankings after week six:

Now that we are six weeks into the NFL season, I thought it was time to rank all 32 starting quarterbacks as of right now. For this exercise, I’m trying to evaluate these guys regardless of the team they are on, while I will bring up the offense they are in and how they function in it, but try to judge them based on talent and the level of play. So I’m not going to hand out extra credit for hitting lay-ups and screens, and at the same time players will get credit for making things work despite bad O-line play and a lack of dynamic play-makers around them. To do so, I created separate tiers to tell how I feel about them and while I try to always put them into context, I will stats to back up my case.

Make sure to also check out my in-depth breakdown of every game from the NFL’s week six.

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What is wrong with the Dallas Cowboys DEFENSE? NFL All-22 Film Breakdown

Many have opined and everyone is correct. There are a litnay of issues with the Dallas Cowboys defense both on and off the field. Personnel, coaching, effort, execution, the list goes on and on. Among the numerous faults with the Cowboys defense is their inability to defend play-action and misdirection due to poor eye-discipline; a problem that stands out to us at Couch Potato General Manager. We take a look at the film to illustrate these particular challenges facing the Dallas Cowboys defense.

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Texans FIRE Bill O’Brien | 2020 NFL News & Reaction

After an 0-4 start to the 2020 NFL Season, the Houston Texans have fired now former head coach Bill O’Brien. Referred to as “BOB” by Couch Potato General Manager, became head coach in Houston in 2014 and managed a 54-52 record overall including a 2-4 record during the postseason. A history of contentious relationships with players and members of the front office prevailed during O’Brien’s tenure. Still, inexplicably, O’Brien took over general manager duties in 2019 and was officially named general manager of the Houston Texans in January of 2020. During Obrien’s stint as GM, BOB made a series of egregious personnel decisions routinely failing to get what many considered proportional compensation for players of DeAndre Hopkins and Jadeveon Clowney’s stature. O’Brien seemingly “overpaid” for talent and/or players with a diminishing skill-set almost routinely (Laremy Tunsil, Daivd Johnson, Brandin Cooks). In what can only be described as a short-sighted and combative approach to leadership,, O’Brien was finally dismissed as both head coach and GM.

NFL Power Rankings after the first quarter of the 2020 season:

Now that the first four weeks of the NFL season are in the books and we have a pretty good idea about who all these teams are, while the results may not fully tell the story yet, I decided to put them all in order for the first version of my Power Rankings in-season. Funnily enough my number one and 32 teams are still the same that I had when I put out my list a couple of weeks before the year was kicked off. Once again, I’m not trying to just put these teams in order by their record – for that you can check the official standings on NFL.com – but rather I tried to figure out how I would personally rank them based on the tape I’ve watched and with some stats to help me put it all in context.

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