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Top 10 interior offensive linemen in the 2022 NFL Draft:

Finishing up our breakdowns of the best offensive linemen in the draft, after going through the tackles last week, we’ll now shift our focus to the guys in-between those, as always grouping the guards and centers together.

I feel like this year we actually don’t have a lot of prospects with true flexibility between the two spots and many of them rather have experience at tackle and even played there for the majority of their collegiate careers. To me there’s a 1A and 1B at the top of the class, with a number two/three very closely behind them. To me they’re all worthy of being picked in the top 20-25 picks, even if positional value sticklers may disagree. After those there’s a significant drop-off. However, even more impressive to me is the group of second-to-fourth round evaluations I have, particularly at center. Altogether I believe there are 13-14 names among the IOL, who have a legitimate case to go in the top-100, even though I’m sure that depth will push them further down.

Since there are varying skill-sets and offenses these players have played in, I will try to specify where these guys fit most cleanly at, in regards to schemes and exact spots, after outlining the strengths and weaknesses of every prospects. There’s so many players who are of similar quality, that you will find a lot variety in the way people stack them up depending on what exactly they value and even the final player you can find in my “the next names” is somebody I could see be a long-term starter.

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Top 10 interior offensive linemen in the 2021 NFL Draft:

After breaking down the top offensive tackles and edge rushers last week, we are now moving on to the interior, once again starting with the offensive side of the ball. As always, I threw guards and centers together, since many of them have the flexibility to play both and those positions demand very similar skill-sets, while I explain in the hand what I think the individual prospects project best as.

Once again, I solely evaluate the players I see on tape here, regardless of any medical conditions or off-field concerns. My number two for example might be ready for training camp, since he suffered a rather severe injury in December only. Of course versatility is a big plus, but I’m basically putting together a general big board here, which doesn’t consider specific team needs.

This class to me is actually one that isn’t talked about enough. While we may only see a couple taken in the first round, I think day two will be loaded with talented players from this group and I have identified a few potential starters, who could go on the third day of the draft as well.

Here’s my list:

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Top 10 interior offensive linemen in the 2019 NFL Draft:

After talking about the best running backs and linebackers available last week, we move into the trenches in our positional draft rankings. For this edition, I combined offensive guards and centers because the necessary skill-sets are very similar and many of these prospects played both positions during their collegiate careers. While their value might differ depending on offensive scheme, I like to evaluate them as one group.

There are definitely no generational-type prospects like Quenton Nelson on this list, who I had as my number two overall player, but this group has about a dozen quality names. As the league moves more towards wide-open offenses that throw the ball out of shotgun and try to get it out quickly on a multitude of screens, mobility and pass-protecting are becoming more important, but there is still a lot of value of what interior offensive linemen can do for you in the run game. Obviously each team will evaluate these prospects according to their scheme, but for the purpose of this list, I am looking for complete players, who will help my offense move the ball.

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