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Movies With Migs: One Night In Miami…

Hello readers! I’ll get right into this and say if you have access to Amazon Prime Video WATCH THIS MOVIE! If you watched it already then WATCH IT AGAIN! Major kudos to Regina King for her directorial debut. Her direction and screenplay by Kemp Powers is rightfully receiving praise and accolades. This film is adapted from the play of the same name and is set around a fictional meeting in Miami. You may have heard of the attendees….

It’s February 1964 and Cassius Clay has become boxing’s heavyweight champ. After his bout he meets with Malcolm X, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke. Now this is supposed to be a celebration but it turns into so much more. The 60s was a tumultuous decade for Black people in America, to say the least. Each one of these men was a prominent figure and they were all up against racism and dealing with personal problems. As a Muslim Malcolm explains the need for urgency to stand against oppression against Blacks however Cooke and Brown don’t agree with everything he says. It’s an interesting crossroad for Clay, who is contemplating devotion to the Nation of Islam, but he still has reservations. You see the clash in ideals and as Jim Brown states….”We aren’t all the same.” You feel the emotions as these men deal with the times they were living in and how they planned to use their influence in a world that wanted to keep their voices suppressed. Even though this meeting didn’t actually happen the actors made it feel real. Their differences created compelling dialogue. The conflicts were loud and in your face. The dynamics to resolve the conflicts felt personal. I never heard of Kingsley Ben-Adir until this film but his performance as Malcolm X had a lot of emotional depth. Aldis Hodge plays a young Jim Brown and even though his role was the lesser of the 4 his performance was good. Eli Goree and Leslie Odom Jr knock it out as Cassius Clay and Sam Cooke. Goree had Clay’s mannerisms down. Odom is a singer and songwriter and he was able to channel that into his portrayal of Cooke. Odom’s performance stood out to me. I appreciated how he was able to command the screen at certain points but also able to take a backseat. For me it’s a bit harrowing seeing films about real people and past events. Retrospect is crazy because later that year Sam Cooke was shot and killed and early 65 was when Malcolm X was murdered. Their influence and mark on American society still lives on. Clay became Muhammed Ali and also one of the greatest boxers ever. Arguably thee greatest. Ali recently passed but he will be quoted and imitated for a LONG time. Jim Brown is the only one who is still alive. He made his mark as one of the greatest players in the NFL and he’s also starred in a few decent movies. He’s my dude in Mars Attacks! So if you have the ability to check out One Night In Miami… please do so. I highly recommend it. Strong dialogue, performances and direction. BRAVO BRAVO!

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MOVIES WITH MIGS: Wonder Woman 84 (Full Review)

What’s happening readers! If you have not watched WW84 you probably shouldn’t read on (unless you really want to). I’m not going full blown spoiler but I will be going into details over certain scenes so putting that out there up front. Good? Alright….Go time!

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Movies With Migs: Monster Hunter (Spoiler Free)

Monsters on the big screen? SOLD!!!!! When I saw the trailer for Monster Hunter I knew I was in. The trailer shows too much (as they do these days) but I wasn’t going to miss out on seeing these crazy looking creatures in the theater. When I went to book my ticket I had the option to watch it in Dolby Cinema. SCORE!!!!! It was a fun time and I want to watch this one again in IMAX.

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What’s happening readers!! Last Friday I made it to the theater to see Come Play, a horror/thriller about a monster trying to make a boy his “best friend” by taking the boy to his world…….FOREVER! I found the film to be enjoyable even though it wasn’t scary. It had some creepy moments which turned out to be a lot of fun for me because I was in the theater by myself. I was ignorant! Like….ignant! Yelling at the screen. Telling the kids to run!! Saying “OOOHHH NOOOOOOO” really really loud! HAHAHAHA. Ahhh good times!


Movies With Migs: Vanguard (No spoilers)

Jackie Chan is back and showing that he can still throw hands!! AMC Theatres are open in my area so I was browsing to see what was available to watch and I came across Vanguard. Last week was my first time seeing anything about the film but you don’t have to tell me twice when it comes to an actioneer starring Jackie Chan. The AMC I go to has the film in Dolby Cinema so I was all in. If you’ve read some of my previous reviews then you may have seen my love for Dolby. In my opinion it’s the best format when it comes to sound and presentation quality. I don’t know why Vanguard is available in this presentation though. Aside from the few eye popping scenes it’s not a huge treat for the eyes. The various gunfights had some extra oomph with the sound system so that was cool but regular format is okay here. I have AMC A List so I’ll watch anything in Dolby just because.

In the film Chan plays Tang Huanting, CEO of Vanguard, which is a company that specializes in providing protection to high profile clients. The movie opens with a small cell from Tang’s network providing protection to a client who knows a secret worth a lot of money. When an international gang fails to kidnap this client they go after his daughter so Tang’s people have to get to her as well. I won’t say anymore of the plot beyond that because that spoils the film. It’s a bang bang cat and mouse thriller, complete with awesome fight choreography, terrible dialogue, CGI straight out of a SyFy made for tv film, bullets galore and old man Jackie beating dudes down! I had a good time watching! I was chuckling at the bad CGI because WOOF. It was weird that the production used de-aging CGI on Chan’s face. We know he is old. We know he has wrinkles. His character wasn’t young so I don’t know what that was about. Seeing Jackie Chan and costars put the hurt on bad guys was awesome. Some of those fights were brutal! This movie didn’t blow me away but I found it to be enjoyable. The last two Chan films I watched (The Foreigner and Lego Ninjago) didn’t do much for me so it was great seeing him providing whoopings in this movie. Overall…….Not bad. Jackie Chan fans should enjoy this. Casual fans of action likely will also. If you have an opportunity to check this out in a theater (safely of course) I’d recommend it. I don’t see this staying around on the big screen too long so you might see it at Redbox or available to stream soon.

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Red Pill or Blue Pill: The Matrix…….21 years later

The year is 1999. The Wachowskis gave us The Matrix, a sleeper hit that went on to become a global phenom. The story telling, the science fiction, the special effects……AMAZING!!! It’s been 21 years since its release so take that red pill with me and let’s reenter The Matrix! 

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