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The top 100 overall prospects of the 2023 NFL Draft:

All position rankings for this year’s NFL draft are out. So now it’s time to combine them all into my personal big board! Along with the 100 names here, I added the “next 30”, since I felt bad for leaving them off, considering the difference between them and they last few guys who made the cut is fairly marginal and I would be fine with anybody from that group being picked on day two.

With 13 prospects respectively, the wide receiver and edge defender groups lead the way, closely followed by 12 cornerbacks. Only five quarterbacks quite made the cut – with a couple slightly outside the top-100 – while interior offensive and defensive line are both only represented with eight names.

Here’s the full list:

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Top 10 safeties of the 2023 NFL Draft:

We have arrived at the final defensive segment of our positional draft breakdowns! In this edition, we’ll look at the top safeties available, which is always a somewhat challenging group, just because of where you project guys to play at the next level already. Whether it’s cornerbacks who will make the transition or some guys who could be seen as safeties or pure sub-packagelinebackers.

This class includes three names just in my personal top five, who primarily played nickel at the collegiate level and actually project best to stay there as they move on to the NFL, but otherwise their skill-set lends itself more to safety than outside corner. The rest of the list consists of a bunch of combo safeties, who can fill a multitude of roles and will offer their future defensive coordinators flexibility in terms of how they’re deployed, even though they aren’t necessarily great in one specific area. That’s sort of a sign of the NFL becoming more split-safety centric, where those guys are asked to fill a lot of different shoes.

Here’s what the top-ten looks like for me, along with a couple of guys that just missed the cut:

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Top 10 tight-ends of the 2023 NFL Draft:

We’re entering our final full week of positional draft rankings, as we’ve gone through an offensive and defensive group for four weeks already – running backs and linebackers, wide receivers and cornerbacks, offensive tackles and edge defenders, interior offensive and defensive linemen. Today we’ll be looking at what I believe is the best tight-end class of the last decade and then on Friday we shift to the safeties, before finishing up with quarterbacks.

Since I just praised the group as a whole, let me say that there are five guys I currently have top-50 grades on, plus another I have in the late second-/early third-round range. There is a certain drop-off after that, but this entire top-ten could potentially make it inside my top-100 big board next week and even beyond that, there are some intriguing options, to a point where we may see a couple TE2s stick on teams as undrafted free agents or at least late day-three selections. This is a class however, where I didn’t really struggle in terms of ordering the top-seven names. After that, there was some more debate for me.

This is what I came up with:

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Top five players at each position in college football right now:

Now a month into the 2022 college football season, I decided it was time to rank the five best players for each position at this very moment. For clarification, these lists are based on where these young men are today as college players. I’m in the business of projecting forward and evaluating them as draft prospects, but for this exercise I tried to isolate them from their team and purely judge them on who could help me win games at the CFB level right now.

Here’s the list:

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Biggest risers midway through the 2021 college football season:

Since this page and my Youtube channel have been very NFL-centric and it’s still where my main focus lies, I wanted to take a look at the college football landscape and talk about some players that have stood out to me so far this year and how I project their ascent to affect their status for the 2022 NFL Draft. Therefore, I decided to only include players, who will be eligible for it next April.

At this point, there is no way I can watch every single college game of course and it’s not as easy to grab the All-22’s anyway, but I do however spend 13-14 hours every Saturday watching multiple games and take at least one other day per week to study players individually. So there may be more complete lists and I’m not able to offer as many deep sleepers as I can during actual draft season, but these are the guys that have moved up my early rankings and/or put their names on the watch list.

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Previewing the 2021 CFP National Championship game:

The two teams meeting in this year’s national title game took very different paths to get here. The SEC (together with the ACC) was one of only two conferences to basically start the season “on time” and Alabama played ten regular season games, to go along with beating Florida in a shootout in the SEC title game and a convincing 31-14 win over Notre Dame in the CFP semifinal of the Rose Bowl. Ohio State on the other hand had three of their eight regular games canceled due to COVID concerns and it took the Big Ten to change their rules about the minimum amount of games played to qualify for a spot in the conference championship game, which they struggled with Northwestern through three-and-a-half quarters, but then surprisingly lit Clemson up 49-28 in the Sugar Bowl, to make it to the big game.

All those different factors that have led to the Crimson Tide and Buckeyes meeting in the CFP final don’t matter now, because while people may want to put an asterisk to this very unique season, in the end one of these teams can call themselves national champions. So now let’s see how these two teams match up and what I believe will happen. I will have one paragraph each for one team’s offense, the defense they are facing and how some of the matchups may favor either side, then I give you one X-factor for each team and finally get to my score prediction.


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Top five college players at every position – Defense edition:

Just like I mentioned last week with the offensive edition, I put out my rankings of the top five at every position as collegiate players, rather than solely draft prospects. The criteria remains the same – must have played at three games this season, no season-long opt-outs or players that were knocked by injuries for the rest of the year early on. So this list doesn’t include names like Gregory Rosseau, Micah Parsons or Caleb Farley, which could all end up being top ten draft picks.

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Top five college players at every position – Offense edition:

I usually put out my positional rankings at the start of every college football season, but under these unique circumstances, where I personally believed we wouldn’t even see these kids plays, I decided to focus more on the NFL. However, now that all conferences are back in action, we’ve seen all teams play at least a few games and we’re in December, I want to give you my top five players at every single position. As always, in this edition I’m evaluating them as college players, not solely draft prospects. There is enough time in spring to evaluate how their skill-sets will translate to the next level. To make the cut in these rankings, you must have played at least three games this season. So top-five type prospects like Penei Sewell and JaMarr Chase won’t make this list, since they opted out for 2020.

In this edition we’ll look at the offense and next week we’ll shift over to defense!

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NFL Mock Draft 2020:

All prospects have been evaluated, the rankings have been put out and we are just three days away from the draft. Now it’s time to have some fun!

I have been gathering information in the background and thinking about how Thursday could look like, but this is my one and only mock draft for 2020. To make myself clear – this is what I think will happen, not what I would do.

For every pick, I give a quick analysis on why I think it will happen and how I would grade them, in comparison to my big board.

Here we go:

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