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Top 100 overall prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft:

Now that all the positional rankings have been released, it’s time to put it all together and present my personal big board. Since we’re looking at this from an outside perspective, team-specific boards of course will look different. However, I wanted to give a more general overview and just rank the top 100 overall prospects, regardless of position.

As far as injuries and other factors go, I tried to consider injuries, that I can actually project forward, like torn ACLs and Achilles tendons. For prospects like Virginia Tech’s Caleb Farley, Miami’s Jaelan Phillips and Kentucky’s Kelvin Joseph, I just can’t put clean-up back procedures, concussion histories or bad environments around them into relation, so I’m not going to try. Teams that have the medical and background information may want to drop them down the board, because of those factors.

Make sure to check out my in-depth positional breakdowns here and/or on Youtube, for my analysis on all of these players, and feel free to let me know your thoughts!

This is what I came up with:

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Big Board for the 2020 NFL Draft:

Now that all the film has been watched and I have broken down over 350 draft prospects, it is time to reveal my top 100 players heading into the draft. You can check out my in-depth analyses and positional rankings right here and on Youtube for the explanation to why I have them where I do.

Number one has been the same the entire draft process, but after watching hundreds of hours of tape, a lot has changed further down the list. The top 20 is as good as it has been in any draft recently, but at some positions there could be multiple day-one starters available on day three.

If there are any players you can’t find here or among my positional breakdowns, you can simply ask me about my opinion on them in the comments or by sending me a text on one of my social media channels linked above.

Here is my list:

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Top 100 prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft:

After watching hundreds over hundreds of hours of film, putting together positional rankings and comparing them to each other, I have finalized my big board for this upcoming draft. Obviously this will look different for each individual team because of scheme fit, needs, etc., but for me I just went with who I think are the top 100 prospects available. This is clearly a defensive draft with 10 of my first 14 players on that side of the ball, but I also think there are several offensive linemen worth being selected within the first two days, especially since it’s a rather thin group beyond that, and while some might argue there is not a lot of talent at the skill positions, I think there could be a run on wide receivers on Friday, since I have eight of them with a second-round grade.

Just to set the table here, unlike my positional rankings this list takes injuries and other concerns into consideration. That is why a guy like Jeffery Simmons from Mississippi State isn’t somewhere around the top ten.

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