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NFC South Draft & Roster Review 2022

We’ve officially crossed the halfway point of our divisional draft breakdown series, having finished up the NFC & AFC North and East respectively!

Now it’s time to discuss the draft classes & rosters of the Falcons, Panthers, Saints & Bucs!

NFL teams most likely to go from worst to first in 2021:

We have spent a lot of time on analyzing what NFL teams have done this offseason to improve their roster, detailing every single draft pick, discussing the most improved position groups and pointing out the biggest remaining needs for every single squad. Now it’s time to project how these moves will impact the outcome of the 2021 season, in regards to how much the bottom teams have improved and their chances to turn things around.

So here I listed the teams, that just finished fourth in their respective division, and ranked them based on the likelihood of winning it this year. I will describe the team itself, including some of the changes on the roster and coaching staff, talk about the challenges they will face inside their division and take a look at the schedule a little bit, in order to determine their chances of hosting a playoff game come next January. I also added a percentage at the very end, that I would give them of doing so.

Let’s get into it:

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HC Quinn & GM Dimitroff FIRED! Atlanta Falcons move on after starting 0-5

On the heels of a winless, 0-5 start, the Atlanta Falcons have decided to fire head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff. Dimitroff had been GM since 2008. Quinn took over as head coach in 2015 and had a 46-44 record (including the playoffs).

Quinn, a defensive coach by trade typically fielded some of the worst defenses in the league; despite a 2016 Super Bowl run. The infamous 28-3 collapse during that Super Bowl seemingly resulted in a pattern of 2nd half collapses.

Atlanta’s inability to effectivley draft quality cornerbacks and pass rushers certainly contributed to the aforementioned. The Falcons have name Raheem Morris interim head coach. Owner Arthur Blank has indicated that Matt Ryan will have some input on who the next head coach will be. The Atlanta Falcons search begins.

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