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 J.R. Glymph – President

jrglymphheadshotJ.R. is the founder  / CEO of B. Hanson Media Group, LLC. A lifelong sports nut and “word nerd”, J.R. is passionate about using his platform to inform and inspire. Glymph has over a decade’s experience in digital sports media and sports radio. Feeling it was time to expand his reach beyond just sports and into fashion, cars, music, culture and more , Defy Life was born. As the father of two young sons, Glymph understands the power of the entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of family business. He believes there’s a need within everyone to Defy Life!


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Thomas Stephens – Creative Director

pooThomas Stephens is the Co- founder of Dream Team Mentoring. He has waged a lifelong quest to instill in youths, the value of education and acountability. Over the past twenty years Thomas has developed a sincere love affair with sports, music, and fashion. He has fifteen years of dedication and hard work invested in Mentoring and Public Education.

Thomas is a proud alumnus of his HBCU, Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina, where he studied Elementary Education. Stephens also holds Webster’s University dear to his heart. That’s where he earned his MA in Management and Leadership.


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Alvin Glymph – Senior Editor

alvinglymph-headshotAlvin Glymph is the founder/President of Glymph and Associates, LLC and Just Joints, LLC. He is an entrepreneur and the co-author of a novel, Tourist in Your Own Town.  He has also been a Talk Show personality.

He has spent most of his life using those skills to improve conditions for underserved people across the nation.  In acknowledgement of his record of meritorious service, he has received the Maroon Citation from Colgate University and the Atlanta Partners for Education A+ Partnership Award by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Alvin holds a Masters of Arts from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Bachelors of Arts in Religion from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.


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Gerald Hedrick Jr. – Director of Business Development

GeraldGerald Hedrick is a versatile, and wordsmith supernerd!  Although his professional career is in the software world, people are his first love.  Insightful and dynamic, Gerald has mentored, coached, and marched in his community to directly affect change.  Hedrick is an activist, as culture and community are important pillars to him.  Gerald attended Allen University, where he met the “greatest group of friends anyone could ask for”.  Hedrick’s strong love of people, sports, culture, and community, has lead him in his search to not just live life..but Defy Life.


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