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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 11-4-19:

… and it’s another wasted prime time edition of NFL story time with the junior G-men

After going through the motions for 3 quarters, Dallas puts on its big boy pants while the G-men never seem to be able to climb out of the sand box; yeah Barkley had a big pass play, but where’s the ground game and anything more than a handful of yards at a time for pass plays. The “Giants” is becoming one of the biggest misnomers in the recent history of professional sports. #Cowboys #Giants


Boy oh boy! Do we have a new ChabDog of the Month for you … say hello to Boy Boy, ChabDog of the Month for November:

Boy Boy — the magnificent Miniature Pinscher

My name is Boy Boy, I am a 5 year old Miniature Pinscher. I am a rescue and have been with my Momma for two years. My Momma is a high energy blonde Real Estate Agent with Sotheby’s International: Sunset Strip. I am constantly dressed up in different outfits and on video while she updates her clients on Real Estate news. I am a happy dog, I sleep next to my Momma every night and rarely bark. I stand up to big dogs even though they would easily win in a scuff. My diet is beef liver and dry food…I love my beef liver!!! I am honored to be Chabdog of the month!!!

Thank you to Boy Boy and his Momma/owner Brittany Davis. You certainly are a worthy ChabDog the Month for November 2019.

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-13-19:

Steelers rediscover their ground game with some Snelling salts, and bottle up the obligatory Rivers dink ‘n dunk

NFL Update:

— Steelers travel west and in front of a surprisingly large and boisterous friendly terrible towel contingent win a home game at Carson. Defensive pressure, including stellar games from Bush and Sutton, made the biggest impact, as PIttsburgh had the perfect answer for San Diego’s predictable dink and dunk passing game. On offense, Devlin ran things like a veteran commander, Conner was versatile and effective (100+ from scrimmage) and the running game woke up with smelling salts sprinkled by Snell.Black and Gold will be smiling all the way home, knowing miserable Miami is coming to town. #Steelers #Chargers
— Vikings upend the Eagles, who clearly forgot to send their A-game on the road to Minnesota. Yes, the NFC East is falling apart at the seams, but the Eagles are a big part of this mess and should not be sleeping peacefully. #Vikings #Eagles
— Set your watch on it; on any given Sunday, you’re likely to see Mr. Seahawk beating the clock with a game winning score. Browns do down hard in Cleveland. #Seahawks #Browns
— Chiefs continue to look for some relief, but there’s no use being defensive about it.
Oh, and the running game has gone into the tank as well. That leaves limited options and a small margin for error for Mahomey, witness today’s 2nd quarter and on collapse against Houston. #Texas #Chiefs
— Saints conquer Minshew and the Jags, in a game where yards were few and far between. #Saints #Jaguars
— Den over Tenn after Mariota and the moribund Titan attack fail to put a dent in the scoreboard. #Titans #Broncos
— If you happened to watch today’s game you saw a prime cut of Action Jackson. Ever thought of spying on the QB, Cincy? #Bengals #Ravens
— Not a bad effort from the depressed Dolphins, who prove you can go for two, and step in it too. #Redskins #Dolphins
— Jets set their engine on Mono-pilot, and Darnold delivers perhaps his best game as a pro; as for the sleepy Cowboys, you can’t take the 1st half off and expect a victory. #Cowboys #Jets
— Lately LA’s largesse when it comes to donating wins knows no bounds and apparently applies to its California cousin, SF. Niners unplug the Ram aerial attack with more stifling pass defense (yes, Sherman, we are not worthy), and after the first quarter, there was simply nothing to speak of on the ground. #FortyNiners #Rams
— Unfortunately for Atlanta, only one of their Matts had a good game. #Falcons #Cardinals

NFL Power Rankings after the first quarter of the 2019 season:

As I like to do every year, I am putting out my first power rankings after four weeks, since I think this is a good time to reflect. To me this point always represents a moment at which it is possible to get somewhat of a clearer picture on the state of the league and where teams will go. Obviously there will still be teams falling down the ranks while others could establish themselves as contenders later on, but I feel like we know what most teams are.

I always think it’s ridiculous how everybody makes definite statements on any NFL teams after just a couple of weeks or refer to things as “all season long” when there have barely been any games played. So I like to wait until we have passed the first quarter of the season before I really try to put these teams in order. Unlike most power rankings out there, I don’t simply put all the teams in order of their record and at this point we have so many 2-2 squads, that you really have to go through the tape and rosters of all of them to be able to stack them up against each other.

Here is what I came out with:

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What to believe from week one of NFL action:

Week one is always absolutely crazy every year. Find me one person who said before Sunday that the Browns would lose by 30 to the Titans or that the Bucs would put up 48 on the Saints at the Superdome in last year’s week one matchup. With how little starters play in preseason and how teams still figuring things out early on, it surprises us every year and most people overreact to the first look at all teams in an extreme way. I kind of wanted to look at the storylines emerging from the first round of NFL games and give my opinion on if that trend will continue or that statement will prove to be right. To do so, I labelled all twelve of them, which includes almost all matchups, either as truth or deceit and explain my reasoning behind it. Here they are:

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