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Trench coats and the paranormal.

Check Take a Knee for Marvel vs DC episode 75 to hear the full conversation on trench coats.

So, I’ve been thinking alot lately about the paranormal and trench coats. To me there is a near correlation with both. 

When I think of ghost, aliens, or secret cults or organizations-my mind naturally goes to trench coats!

From Men in Black to the X-files to the secret service-they always we’re trench coats. Trench coats denote seriousness and a bit of formality. When you see a group of people in business suits and earpieces-you take them seriously.

If you see a group of people in business suits and earpieces-you kinda go “WTF???” and laugh.

-Uncle Oz

Good trench Coat action:

The Authority Vol.1
The Hitman
Ecks vs Sever
Constantine (comic/tv/series)

My ten favorite games on the 2020 NFL schedule:

The NFL schedule finally came out and it is time to discuss it. To be honest, this kind of came at me as a bit of surprise until a few days before it happened, just because of how COVID-19 threw the timeline off, but it is here now. We don’t know for sure how everything will look like – if we even seen all 16 games, if some of them may be postponed or whatever, but I tried to look at the schedule as it is set right now and point out my favorite matchups to watch.

I look at certain coaching staffs facing each other, rematches from last season, historic significance to some degree and of course individual players going up against each other. There are so many great quarterback matchups this year and I don’t want to hear any of that bullcrap about how quarterbacks don’t play versus each other, but rather against the respective defenses – you see them go back and forth trying to put points on the board and their play simply is the biggest factor in the outcome of the game. I tried to pick ten out of 256 total games that stick out to me the most and I already have circled on my calendar, plus I have quite a few honorable mentions before I get into the actual list.

You can also listen to my breakdown of all the games on Youtube!

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