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Too Much… Too Soon?

On episode 56 Lin and I discuss the parenting style and enthusiasm of Kyren Gibson as it pertained to his son in one particular video.  Continue reading Too Much… Too Soon?

Relationship Status Top 10 Tips to a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

There are a good bit of people in society that believe that long-distance relationships do not work. Friends, family members, and even coworkers will say to not take it seriously because you can get hurt. Relationship Status is here to tell you that it can and will work if you take heed to these 10 tips.

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Previewing the 2019 NFL division title games:

Obviously there are no actual division title games in an isolated fashion the way we have them in college, but instead things just fell into place for these rivals to potentially play for the divisional crown in their head-to-head matchup over these last two weeks of the regular season. At this point all of those teams have played their rivals already once, so it will be interesting to look back at those prior meetings, but we also want to take a look at how everybody has fared throughout the rest of the year and how they will match up schematically as well as personnel-wise. There are three of those games in week 16 and another two in week 17, with one matchup for each week that will also need some other things to happen in the additional week to be decisive in that matter.

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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 11-4-19:

… and it’s another wasted prime time edition of NFL story time with the junior G-men

After going through the motions for 3 quarters, Dallas puts on its big boy pants while the G-men never seem to be able to climb out of the sand box; yeah Barkley had a big pass play, but where’s the ground game and anything more than a handful of yards at a time for pass plays. The “Giants” is becoming one of the biggest misnomers in the recent history of professional sports. #Cowboys #Giants