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Thought of The Week

If your not going to believe in you, who else will? 

If your not going to believe in yourself, who else will? You should be your biggest fan. A lot of times in life we look towards others to validate our existence. We look to others to motivate us, when we are already equipped with everything we need to be successful. I know that it is hard to be our own biggest fan, but the fact is if you are not a fan of you, who else will. In the past week i have taken some inventory of the way I was going about my business ventures. What i found was that I was not going as hard for my own business as I was for the job I check in everyday. Well I was wrong for that, It’s that I should do my job any less, but go harder for my own! You have to bet on yourself then GRIND your ass of to get to where you want to be. BE GREAT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Peace                                                                                                                                            Coach E

Thought of The Day

The 6 things that require zero talent…….#2. Attitude

Life is funny. People like to blame their downfalls on a number of different things. people, circumstances, or even God. Continue reading Thought of The Day