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Trying to explain North Carolina’s 8-7 record …

Trying to explain North Carolina’s 8-7 record, which includes today’s loss to Pitt, a very narrow escape against Yale, a whopper at home to Wofford, getting tarred and feathered by Ohio State and a 13 pt beating at the hands of GA Tech’s Rambling Wreck:

— They’re just not that gifted (thanks coach for keeping your players feeling good about themselves)
— Your kids are spending too much time doing homework, or worse, actually going to class
— Vaping on tobacco road
— You’re just slipping

And the really bad news is you haven’t even played Duke yet!!!!

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 12-19-19:

North Carolina gets the Pitt kicked out of it by the hungry Panthers…

NCAAM Update:

— North Carolina gets the Pitt kicked out of it by the hungry Panthers, who finally figure out how hunt on tobacco road. Tough times for the Tar Heels, who at 8-7 are looking mightily mediocre and are lucky to be even above .500 (after barely surviving a scrap with sparring partner Yale). #Panthers #TarHeels
— Wow that Malachi can certainly fly … and some other stuff. Aztecs lay out the flustered Cowboys at the ranch in Laramie. #Aztecs #Cowboys
— Fighting Irish find they aren’t really qualified to run with the Wuffpack. Wolves turn in an inspirational 2nd half rally in Raleigh. #FightingIrish #Wolfpack
— Duke is still King of the ACC, as it puts down some unwanted unrest in the province of ATL. #BlueDevils #YellowJackets

NCAAM Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 12-6-19:

NCAAM Top 25 Update:

— Louisville’s sluggers continue to look more than ready to go toe to toe with anybody, including the pancaked Panthers. #Panthers #Cardinals
— After a slow start, Duke gets back to doing the Devils’ work in Blacksburg. #BlueDevils #Hokies
— USC rakes in another big win, after titanic tip-in by big Nick Rakocevic. #Trojans #HornedFrogs

NCAAM Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 12-4-19

NCAAM Top 25 Update:

— Buckeyes use a bodacious second half to stomp on the terrorized Tar Heels at Chapel Hill. Has UNC ever looked more overrated?
— Virginia dreams of a repeat championship season look pretty far fetched, after they’re left for dead (with good reason) in West Lafayette. #Cavaliers #Boilermakers
— Notre Dame looked pretty lame tonight in another game that went poorly for the ACC. Jalen Smith has led MD to one of its best starts ever. #FightingIrish #Terrapins

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