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2020 Top 10 Dynasty Rankings (Startups)

By: CPGM Juice

There’s no offseason for Dynasty Owners thus Couch Potato General Manager is getting an (relatively) early jump on our 2020 Dynasty Rankings. 

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Trying to explain North Carolina's 8-7 record …

Trying to explain North Carolina’s 8-7 record, which includes today’s loss to Pitt, a very narrow escape against Yale, a whopper at home to Wofford, getting tarred and feathered by Ohio State and a 13 pt beating at the hands of GA Tech’s Rambling Wreck:

— They’re just not that gifted (thanks coach for keeping your players feeling good about themselves)
— Your kids are spending too much time doing homework, or worse, actually going to class
— Vaping on tobacco road
— You’re just slipping

And the really bad news is you haven’t even played Duke yet!!!!