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As heard on Sunday’s ChabDog Sports Talk …. Fool to Cry ….

Listen in as we had our “Let’s go bowling extravaganza”, as well our NFL Playoff preview…

On the "Bribery Tutorial" edition of CDST (Part 1):

Hey, if Duncan can play goalie in the GEICO commercial, Tank can certainly play catcher for the Mets …

On the “Bribery Tutorial” edition of CDST (Part 1):
— Well-read recounts his latest episode of “I dream of Tank”; wow, he’s now blocking the plate for the obscenes from Queens (hey, if Duncan can play goalie in the GEICO commercial, he can play catcher)
— Needed somebody to help us out re Fouts (w/regard to the HoF, yes, thankfully he’s in)
— Delving into the genesis of those Saturday Night nightmares
— OU vs. Baylor …. nice but not thrilling … and that Big 12 Sooner defense is not built for the BCS
— Clemson’s on a collision course with the Burrowing Machine (hey, Joe, watch out for Dabo)
— Speculating about the OSU halftime pep talk (was Eddie George or his photogenic mom involved?)
— A special song from Sir MIxalot with plenty of ifs, ands and butts … for my good friend Chuck (yes, the genre of men that this speaks to is still out there)
— Eric reiterates the importance of always keeping things in proportion
— Jalen Hurts returns to the spotlight with his fellow conquerors from Norman, and this is a good thing
— USC … must be bound for the Holiday Bowl… to play Penn St. (Eric our Bowlmaster take pains to so ordaines)
— A rather rude political interlude involving the supposed chiding of Biden by an 83 year old Wilfed Brimley impersonator (“You’re a damn liar, man, … that’s why I’m not sendentary, … and you want to check my shape on, let’s do push ups together …get your words straight, Jack, …look fat, here’s the deal…”)
— Nepotism in politics … it comes with the territory, but common sense dictates certain limits
— Never Trumper Nancy and the mantra of never hating
— Sidney Bernstein CPA gets upbraided for his unpaid tickets, but actually they belong to his wife (Cuff me? Is there something I have in this office … that could make you kind of forget you’re holding those pink tickets … ouch let go of my arm, $200 … there’s one, there’s two, they’re real crisp)
— Don’t make light of Lamar’s limp-wristed throwing style; it’s highly effective, especially when tossed to Chariots of Fire music (but ChabDog contends Maahk is off case with suggestions that the Baltimore QB plays for the pink team … sounds like there’s some projection going on)
— We break the bad news to Caruso that a Boston pro sports team finally lost at home (sorry Bruins)
— Unfortunately, there’s no breaking ground on some unfounded dirt to be unearthed re Malcolm Butler’s suspension for Super Bowl 52,,,, we’ll have to get the Sports e-cyclopedia to look into this … or maybe breakout the roofies laced with sodium pentothal
— Calling out Stevie Belichick for not really calling the plays for his daddy’s team
— Feeling sorry (not) for a flu-ridden bunch of pansies who were too sick to run their two-minute offense in Houston lol
— Looks like nobody does beat Majomes two times in three years
— Musical mates can indeed be toxic between teammates
— And what about Bob Kraft’s synagogue membership (has it been revoked?)
— Pedro for Carl Pavano — or is it Spackler?– along with Brian Rose (yeah that’s a good deal)
— One of us is being an unabashed shill for the Bills (bad move)
— Speculating about exactly who booked passage to Jeffrey Epstein’s island
— Backing into the Skins getting the points against Green Bay would have been a very gutless … and wise move
— Denver jackets have no business being on the body of any sport fan … when accompanied by a Patriots hat
— Yours truly correctly identifies Denver getting 9.5 as a lock over Houston in an obvious trap game
— No way for NO against Jimmy G. … if only we had seen the light
— Thank you Cincy for the incredible half point bad bat against the spread
— Yes, we were very smart to be scared throwing in our lots with Carolina (sorry Maahk)
— Messy Marvin Lewis to Washington … yes, you heard it here
— Way to go Detroit (falling to Minnesota by only 13)
— Miami continues to be trustworthy now that there’s no tanking for Tua
— Pushing our luck trying to pick TB vs. Indy

On the "Sick of Leftovers & Alabama" CDST Show (Part 2):

Maahk encourages Action Jackson to use Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds’ limp-wristed throwing motion for the javelin (just watch it sail!)

On the “Sick of Leftovers & Alabama” CDST Show (Part 2):
— visit (and tell’m JR sent ya)
— visit to find out more about how Chabner Law can take all comers
— for some comic relief, an unhealthy dose of unsolicited, self-aggrandizement from The Donald
— Does anybody have a shot of Tank getting drenched in his G-men poncho at this weekend’s fiasco with the Pack?
— Maahk encourages Action Jackson to use Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds’ limp-wristed throwing motion for the javelin (just watch it sail!), and then admits that, yeah, just about everyone outside of New England hates the Patriots
— Nothing new … the Patriots have no pressure, but still try to fill an urgent need with Sanu
— Well-read ponders whether Schiano is guity of disrepute … and did he know a showering Sandusky
— Find out why Danny Shelton was so dangerous, and Ted Johnson’s tell-all quote about Ted Washington … “Well I stood behind him, and I think I could watch a movie on his ass”
— ChabDog’s next assignment … the most jumbo NFL’ers of them all… (that’s Ngata to be ashamed of)
— Someone’s gadar detector is clearly malfunctioning out of control (note — it’s not because Gronk was duded up like a sophisticated Johnny Weird), and his pre-game prediction about NE having its way at NRG was way, way, way off base as well
— Now was definitely the occasion for playing our super catchy Thanksgiving Day Apocalypse Now-inspired promo (“Do you know who’s in control here? Yeah, ChaDog Sports Talk, command and control”)
— Profiling a real North star … how’s prolific Peter doing these days in Newport Beach?
— The made-for-TV movie about one student’s college life at Yale… “Magna Cum Loudly Force”
— About Caruso’s close encounter with Olympic Gold Medalist Andrea Anderson’s six pack
— Cincy gleefully proves that in football you can definitely be due
— Hey Cabbie, you had better have a better reason next time for picking Cleveland
— How the heck is Hoffa not Italian (with all those vowels?)
— There’s no debate that J-ville will indeed suck against the Bucs
— One of us pokes fun at Pocahontus
— Is Mitch the Bear finally learning how to pitch?
— If Bloomy runs with Kloby, that would be one short ticket indeed
— We’re no wallflowers, but we still draw power from the Stones’ Dead Flowers

One of us pokes fun at Pocahontus

A real Newport Beach North star

This is definitely photo shopped … not the body of a guy who eats cheeseburgers and drinks chocolate malt shakes

Time to add Eli Chabner as ChabDog of the Month for December 2019

Pictured here in the arms of dear departed friend Eli Glatstein, Eli Chabner officially joins the roster of ChabDogs of the Month for December 2019.

Eli the cocker spaniel, extraordinaire, was the 2nd of 5 such blondies to hold the title of family dog for Bruce and Davi Chabner. He joined the family on or about Rosh Hashannah of 1991, and was with us for almost 15 years of continuous joy. Quite the regal looker, Eli loved to be loved, and was never more comfortable than when he was being held … except of course when we was being fed bagels, steak or whatever

else he could get a hold of. He took very good care of his adopted sister, Lily, and was always there to comfort and support his owners. No wonder Dr. Glatstein was tickled pink to have such a namesake with floppy ears, a beautiful black nose and the always perfect pose for the camera.

May both of these much beloved Elis rest in peace.

On the "Sick of Leftovers & Alabama" CDST Show (Part 1):

The Iron Bowl was a big headache for Little Nicky…

On the “Sick of Leftovers & Alabama” CDST Show (Part 1):
— Eric the Well-read stands tall as one helluva stand in
— College football run down … including the saga of gambling man, ex-Trojan Josh Shaw … sour Saban falling short at Auburn … and no time to be sick of The Ohio State
— A classic clip from No Country For Old Men (better be careful what you ask sugary Anton Chigurh) (instructions on how to proceed with a toin coss) (“this coin has been traveling 22 years to be here”)(“don’t put it in your pocket, where it’ll be mixed in with the others and become just another”)
— an unforgettable trip with the Big Green Van (attention all units, this is Sgt. Stadenko … we’re changing from a code green to a code red)
— Frank the Tank pops in with a giant black dildo and then Marc proceeds to bust his balls
— Take a walk on the wild side,as we run roughshod through our massive library of classic clips, quotes and sound bites
— Hear Marc take Barstool to school… “they can’t goof on our boy” … those are our pledges
— A sprinkle of Chris Walken, and then some raw, unchecked Billy Belichick (no days off)
— Find out what a frontier psychiatrist is really like,as told by the Avalanches (that boy needs therapy)
— Billy Squier’s on fire … from way back in 2005 … “Rock Me Tonite”
— A weather update from Boston … if you stuck your sack to a metal pole it would definitely stick
— Good advice for Wolverine fans: turn that TV off
— Beating Dallas … contain Elliott and Prescott and let the others beat you
— The latest on Steve Grogan (what a warrior) and the greatness of Mosi Tatupu
— Giants host Green Bay (worthless vs. weak … take weak)
— Skins vs. Panthers (Well-read trashes Washington, and then unknowingly makes the brilliant move of picking them)
— Caruso goes 0-3, by picking the Niners to shave the Ravens, and then predicts an RG-3 type explosion before Christmas
— The trend wasn’t your friend in TN vs. Indy (yes, Eric, Vinny was the difference, but not in the way you expected)
— Poor Patriots flew to Houston with the flu … so there’s your built in excuse (that’s what happens when youz guys do all those jacuzzis together)
— ChabDog checks in all hot and bothered about the 10 am Browns-Steelers telecast on CBS, but not everyone can understand (he warned you guys… take Pittsburgh getting the points)