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Importance Of Email Address On Your Resume

The job market is as competitive as ever. Don’t let a ratchet email address ruin your chances before you even get the interview!

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On the "12 Reasons why it wasn't Brady's Season" CDST Show (Part 2):

On the “12 Reasons why it wasn’t Brady’s Season” CDST Show (Part 2):
— Larry David debunks the myth of shrinkage after he visits the kiddie pool and has a heart to heart with Tim Kazurinsky (“C’mon Hugh”)
— Curb Your Enthusiasm examines with a microscope the age old question, is the small _ or the large _ (just ask Big Jeff) (“Comas are very unpredictable” … “She told me, you had a small …” “no no no… she had the biggest _ known to man” “These big _ ladies are getting away with murder”)
— A classic round table of criminal minds from Batman (shades of the meeting of superpowers at Yalta)
— Brady’s flamboyant son, like you’ve never heard him
— Caruso goes off subject on why TB is so gorgeous and has to be reeled back in to reality; he proceeds to explain why the Vikes can beat the Aints (consistently running the ball and avoiding turnovers)
— No ChabDog … Mason Rudolf does not play tight end for Minnesota
— Psychoanalyzing Kirk Cousins with the benefit of a couch potato and at no charge (he hates being caught in the middle and is probably color blind)
— Maahk swears the divisional round will go uniformly for the home teams (yes, there is historical precedent) (is this his transparent effort to curry favor with San Fran’s playtex playmaker)
— Who knew Sanu knew how to field punts?
— Edelman must’ve been on too many painkillers … he couldn’t feel his hands
— Can Smart Money ever be coming outta Philly … whose fans had some very disturbing eating habits after their most recent Super Bowl win?
— Deshaun “Houdini” Watson
— Turning Fed Ex Stadium into the Ronald Rivera House
— Putting the Big Tuna in as the Washington GM (aren’t we running out of ice for that potentially smelly fish?)
— Turning down Well-read’s garlic bread is indeed an impossible proposition
— Fond remembrances of Shaq Mason looking oh so guilty when he found himself illegally downfield after Brady held rock for more than the obligatory 5 seconds
— Our cantankerous cabbie proves that he did write the book on coming up with old and new excuses for New England (including the familiar standby … it’s all Josh McDaniel’s, no… Stevie Belichick’s fault … and why can’t you find one freaking fullback)
— Frank Gorshin horsing around to perfection doing a Burt Lancaster Caped Crusader and a Kirk Douglas Robin on Deano’s Variety Show, followed up by a Brando Batman and a Steiger Boy Wonder (“I don’t know about you Robin… Robbie, Robbie, Robbie….I said I give you my word… I didn’t say I give you my Ward”)
— The slippery slide slope that has become Gronk’s TV career
— ChabDog warns us that Brees may not have it so easy today in the Big Easy without a productive tight end and heightened anxiety caused by large men in purple tights
— Back to the Battle of the Birds (this game is definitely not as watchable as the Hitchcock film)
— Eric professes love for Pete the Cheat, while some of us are digging Doug
— Getting an expert opinion on what happens when you’re inside a taxi that gets hailed by a heat seeking missile
— Hill replaces the possibly over-the-Hill starter and connects for a 40 yarder to the goal line (not necessarily a harbinger of good things to come)
— an abbreviated symposium on the elusive notion of international justice
— An interesting take on why the Saints chose to wear the weak white unis at home … a possible statement about surrender?
— And speaking of what inquiring minds want to know … what’s up with Troy Boy’s red eyes .. someone needs to such some Visine up to the booth
— Loving on the pride of Maryland … the perfect excavation machine Stefon Diggs
— Turning ourselves on again with some kick ass Genesis, “Turn It On Again”, baby!

Relationship Status Top 10 Tips to a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

There are a good bit of people in society that believe that long-distance relationships do not work. Friends, family members, and even coworkers will say to not take it seriously because you can get hurt. Relationship Status is here to tell you that it can and will work if you take heed to these 10 tips.

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