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Time to add Eli Chabner as ChabDog of the Month for December 2019

Pictured here in the arms of dear departed friend Eli Glatstein, Eli Chabner officially joins the roster of ChabDogs of the Month for December 2019.

Eli the cocker spaniel, extraordinaire, was the 2nd of 5 such blondies to hold the title of family dog for Bruce and Davi Chabner. He joined the family on or about Rosh Hashannah of 1991, and was with us for almost 15 years of continuous joy. Quite the regal looker, Eli loved to be loved, and was never more comfortable than when he was being held … except of course when we was being fed bagels, steak or whatever

else he could get a hold of. He took very good care of his adopted sister, Lily, and was always there to comfort and support his owners. No wonder Dr. Glatstein was tickled pink to have such a namesake with floppy ears, a beautiful black nose and the always perfect pose for the camera.

May both of these much beloved Elis rest in peace.