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Devonta Smith “Mr. Indispensable” | 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Breakdown w/Highlights

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While there is validity to the “traits” over “production” methodology to scouting it’s hard to beat “Traits & Production” as Wide Receiver Devonta Smith of the Alabama Crimson Tide checks just about every box when watching him on film. A Couch Potato General Manager favorite and one of CPGM Juice’s draft crushes, Smith continues to gain considerable steam in draft circles and ground on the Alabama All-Time Receiving Record Book. After leading Bama in receiving yards and touchdowns in 2019, Smith elected to return to Tuscaloosa for his senior season and has taken full advantage of a passing game of which he is the focal point. Short, intermediate, and deep Smith makes plays on every level of the field and is separating himself from the pack ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft particularly with a host of talented receivers opting out of the 2020 NCAAF season. Smith is slated to hear is name called early during the 1st Round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Undrafted free agents from 2020 who could make an early impact:

Like I mentioned in my big draft recap last week – this was a very unique version of the NFL draft with its positives and negatives. So much talent fell down the board and several prospects I really liked didn’t even hear the name called at all. That includes six of my top 120 overall players available. A lot of that was certainly due to the circumstances, where teams weren’t able to conduct personal meetings or let their doctors take a look at these athletes. Some prospects may have fallen for good reason, which we aren’t necessarily aware of, but every year there are a bunch of guys who didn’t get selected, but turn out to make an impact with the teams they sign with shortly after.

Those are the type of names I want to point out in this article. Since I don’t have information on all the medical reports or off-field concerns, this is purely based on my evaluations of these prospects and the situations they find themselves in.

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2020 NFL Draft Favorite (Best) Picks by Round

2020 NFL Draft – My Favorite (Best) Picks by Round

Despite the fact that the 2020 NFL Draft has come to an end I continue to find myself breaking down every teams’ draft class. Every pick and every round and I couldn’t help but formulate my “Favorite Picks” by Round. Which I share with you… Feel free to comment and share your favorite picks and compare them to mine. 

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Recapping the 2020 NFL Draft:

What a unique and interesting draft this really was. It might not have felt like you were right in the middle of the action as fans gather around an actual stage, but it definitely was a more intimate experience as you saw all the coaches and general managers working from home. As I do every year, I wanted to give an extensive recap of what happened over those three days.

However, I don’t like handing out grades, because they don’t encapsulate the real value of a pick in my opinion. You have to consider the fit and needs for a team, but at the same time we don’t fully understand the role a player will have with his new team and the whole thing is just too complex to define with just a one-letter grade.

Instead I wanted to identify some of the biggest winners and losers, steals and reaches coming out of the draft. That means looking at the prospects selected compared to where I have them in my overall rankings, analyzing how teams worked the board, how they positioned themselves and how it made their team better. Yet, I didn’t only look at the different clubs, but I also included certain players and how it affected them. Just as a side note – I didn’t want to talk about too many prospects who mostly fell due to injury concerns among my steals.

You can check out my positional rankings and big board to read up more in depth about these prospects and see how they stack up for me. This breakdown is also available in video format right here.

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