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On the “Ironing Out Our Problems” CDST show (Part 2):

Cherry pops off one too many times …

On the “Ironing Out Our Problems” CDST show (Part 2):
— Hear how salesman George Mueller presses the issue a little more forcefully than his brother Robert… (“Good Morning… Ain’t you gonna ring the bell? … Can’t you see I’m a perky little housewife … Well, if you don’t know who you work for, why should I care … Is it steam powered … my arm sure gets tired…Are you married? …”)
— Henry Fonda turning the tide in 12 Angry Men during some compelling back and forth with Mr. Maalox, EG Marshall
— Anything’s possible! The Falcons beat the Saints in New Orleans last week. The Nationals won the Series without Bryce Harper.
— Vindication for the Expos of ’94, who were shortchanged during the strike shortened season in their quest to win 3 in a row for Oh Canada
— Putting the heat on Cleveland’s Kitchens for fostering some very dirty environs
— By the way, Well-read reminds us that real men can handle themselves in kitchen
— Speaking of using your equipment as a deadly weapon, ChabDog takes us back to the bat whacking administered Johnny Roseboro by Juan Marichal
— Bluto, the head lion tamer, seems to like wearing Bozo buttons
— Speaking of turbulence, Cherry pops off about the need for foreigners to wear poppies and gets fired for sticking to his guns
— Speaking of Don, exactly how many Cups did he actually win, if any?
— “Hello Jeff… What you doing in my crib? I paid you half, I want it back. Well, then you better trying @#3’ing 40 grand, because I ain’t leaving without it. Protective custody don’t mean @#$# to me. The man’s dead. In a pig’s ass. Now look my man. I told you . Now you be a printer. Get some ink and start printing more of that @#$#$. Die mother @#$#$’er. You broke your contract with me Jeff. Now you’ll have to suck on this until you give me back my paper.”
— Discussing why “To Live and Die in LA” holds up after all these years.
— Belichick’s stock press conference answers… “When we know more, we’ll say more”, and “I just answered that question”
— Some misogynistic musing by beyond acceptable norms Norm Macdonald
— William Petersen drives a hard bargain — “I’ll give you 5 gs, and my promise not to throw you back in the joint”
— Signing off and getting our rocks off with the Stones’ “Rocks Off”.

On the “Ironing Out Our Problems” CDST show (Part 1):

Special cutting corner dispensations for college basketball stars … ala Moltisanti’s Asian stand-in for the Series 7 exam

On the “Ironing Out Our Problems” CDST show (Part 1):
— Who’s that new Mets skipper? The name rings a Beltran … the next Alex Cora..
— That cheating, low down Houston baseball team and their use of garbage cans and Best Buy electronics to tip off pitches… time to call them the Asterisks, not the Astros
— No, Steve Garvey was not pumping chicks in 1988? Don’t rub mud in the eye of Popeye
— Good for Darvish that he is not bitter/ can stay above the fray … that’s big of Yu
— Fromm is lots easier to pronounce than Tua Tongue-ga-viola for purposes of the NFL draft
— Remembering the tackle that permanently brought down Bo
— LIttle Nicky may’ve sacrificed his QB’s lifetime of NFL thrills for more two-minute drills
— Eddie O on MNF? And how bout telling Booger to boogie…
— The very Goff-like Jimmy G
— How the NY Giants used telescopes in 1951
— Exactly what degree of crime is stealing signs?
— More scandal and corruption at The OSU
— Steinbrenner and the fight against amateurism in the Olympics
— Special cutting corner dispensations for college basketball stars … ala Moltisanti’s Asian stand-in for the Series 7 exam
— Thanking Tank for the up close and personal look inside Holsteins (where they serve Maple Walnut ice cream on the bathroom floor) (looking at that picture gives me a grassy knoll revelation)
— Those poor Minnesotan rodents got suffocated by an Iowa arm bar
— Navy’s short-lived tenancy in the Top 25
— Week 13 is definitely Cupcake Week in the SEC … including visits from delicious Samford (and son), Western Carolina (where the hell is that?), Tennessee (my favorite Martin), a cupcake/Vandy playing Eastern TN State, Abilene Christian, and Bama gets Arkansas
— Fleming dares to speculate that Rutgers will actually beat Sparty State
— ACC = Awful Coast Conference (excluding Clemson)
— Previewing the likely finalists for the LAC-12 title game (oh boy!)
— Time for Buffalo Chip Kelly “to go!”
— Eager 6-6 Beavers for a bowl game
— ChabDog pins the tail on the donkey when he nails the prospective combatants for the Pinstripe Bowl (Illinois vs. North Carolina)
— Bold bowl predictions for the Bahamas Bowl
— Who would’ve thought the St. Petersburg is played in BJ’s Warehouse, not Russia
— Eric insists he’s going to the Quickclaim Bowl
— I’ll pass on the Gasparilla Bowl
— Did you know that Woody Hayes slayed a player named Charley “B” (not Charley “M”) in what is now the Taxslayer Bowl.
— A new wrinkle … post New Year’s closeout games (hold your nose)
— Take Dallas since Matt is out with a Stafford infection
— New week/new hope springs eternal for New Orleans (some of us didn’t see the light)
— Only one of us had the prescient audaciousness to advocate for Atlanta and offer invective for Indy
— Wise move finding the Broncos to be a tough horse to break in Minnesota (thank you Well-read)
— A closer look at last week’s Jets-Giants result militates against siding with the Skins (Well-read was forewarned by Frank to watch out for Mr. Adams)
— Never, ever make the ridiculous decision to bet the house on the Dolphins
— We should’ve taken the Ravens by 40, not 4 (no Watt, no energy to keep up with Lamar)
— SF giving 11 and a half… what a laugh
— Patriots giving 4 is just fine if Belichick is given 2 weeks
— Damn Raiders shirk their responsibilities in beating the Bengals by only 7
— Rams to trample on Trubisky and his poor footwork
— We all choose the Chiefs
— Thank you Cleveland Browns for giving yourself a black eye in your one shining moment