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Passing some quality time at The Grindz with some delicious pastrami….

Today, I enjoyed some relatively simple perfection. Yes, this lunch was the perfect call … a fresh, lightly toasted bun, housing some juicy pastrami, along with plenty of pickles, some spicy mustard and plenty of melted swiss cheese.

It his the spot, made Bingo’s ears perk to attention, and powered me through a busy, pre-holiday weekend Friday.

Thank you Grindz, for coming through for me one more time!


Beefing up at The Grindz with their bountiful burger …

I had the pleasure of sampling the very tasty burger at The Grindz. It was cooked medium well, and to perfection, and comes with melted cheddar, delicious bacon, lettuce and tomato, and the secret sauce that puts this sandwich over the edge … garlic aioli. This sandwich comes with your choice a delicious side (go with the mac salad) and a refreshing, crisp dill pickle.

Dear Foodie: The Hunter Gatherer Hangar

Dear Foodie,

If you are in the Columbia, South Carolina area and are looking for a spot to sit back and enjoy some good food and GREAT beer, visit The Hunter Gatherer Hangar. It is a great spot that has an amazing rustic atmosphere. It is an old airplane hanger that has been transformed into a hangout spot, this local brewery is located at 1402 Jim Hamilton BLVD in Columbia, South Carolina.

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