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MOVIES WITH MIGS: Wonder Woman 84 (Full Review)

What’s happening readers! If you have not watched WW84 you probably shouldn’t read on (unless you really want to). I’m not going full blown spoiler but I will be going into details over certain scenes so putting that out there up front. Good? Alright….Go time!

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Screenings With Migs: Freaky (No Spoilers)

What’s going on readers!! If you are reading this I hope you are well and staying safe. The corona virus outbreak shut down screenings at the beginning of the year so it had been several months since I attended one. I was surprised when I received an email that said AMC theaters was hosting an early viewing of Freaky for Stubs members.

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Trench coats and the paranormal.

Check Take a Knee for Marvel vs DC episode 75 to hear the full conversation on trench coats.

So, I’ve been thinking alot lately about the paranormal and trench coats. To me there is a near correlation with both. 

When I think of ghost, aliens, or secret cults or organizations-my mind naturally goes to trench coats!

From Men in Black to the X-files to the secret service-they always we’re trench coats. Trench coats denote seriousness and a bit of formality. When you see a group of people in business suits and earpieces-you take them seriously.

If you see a group of people in business suits and earpieces-you kinda go “WTF???” and laugh.

-Uncle Oz

Good trench Coat action:

The Authority Vol.1
The Hitman
Ecks vs Sever
Constantine (comic/tv/series)

Dear White People

Let me break this down for you, in the rawest way I know how, by keeping it real. For those of us, that’s right, I said us, that think racism isn’t a “thing”, doesn’t “exist”, or is behind us, please I need you to keep reading. The others of us that believe injustice is something African Americans simply “make up” or “use” as a scapegoat by “playing the black card”, please keep reading. And the rest of us that actively participate in such behavior, I pray that one day you find peace within yourself and that your demons are laid to rest, but please, keep reading.

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