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How do you begin each day?


Our first thoughts in the morning literally set the tone for our day ahead, I encourage everyone to find one healthy habit to begin the next seven days with; add more as they align with your journey and subtract any attachment you have to making yourself wrong. Allow yourself to simply be, accept what is; if you resist, it persists. Continue reading How do you begin each day?

Dear White People

Let me break this down for you, in the rawest way I know how, by keeping it real. For those of us, that’s right, I said us, that think racism isn’t a “thing”, doesn’t “exist”, or is behind us, please I need you to keep reading. The others of us that believe injustice is something African Americans simply “make up” or “use” as a scapegoat by “playing the black card”, please keep reading. And the rest of us that actively participate in such behavior, I pray that one day you find peace within yourself and that your demons are laid to rest, but please, keep reading.

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