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NFL week 11 recap:

I can’t believe every team has now played double-digit games and we’ve reached Thanksgiving already. But here we are and week 11 really delivered, with three primetime games that went down to the wire and both marquee games in the early and mid-day window going to overtime!

Enjoy the recap and have a great Thanksgiving everybody!!

Top 10 defenses in the NFL after ten weeks:

Scoring in the NFL is at an all-time high. There are so many young, exciting quarterbacks and we see passing records being broken every single week, especially with Tom Brady and Drew Brees going back and forth for the title as the all-time touchdown leader. However, the best teams in this league still play great defense. Some of them may have the individual talent while others do a better job of game-planning and putting their players in position to succeed, but when we talk about the really special units, that’s where both those things come together.

I want to look at the top ten defenses in the NFL as of right now, which of course is largely based on what they have done through ten weeks, but I try to put things into context in terms of who they have played and how some of the statistics or point totals came to be. And funnily enough, only the very last one on the list is below-.500, while eight of these teams have won at least six games.

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NFL 2020 midseason awards:

We have made it through the first eight weeks of the 2020 season and it’s time to hand out some trophies (not literally of course, since we have to wait until the year is over). I already did this when I predicted the entire season about a week before we kicked things off and a lot of the candidates I mentioned back then, you will here again, but at the same time, some guys have kind of come out of nowhere. For some of these categories, three names were enough, while for a few others I mentioned two more notables. So who have been my MVP, Defensive Player and Coach of the Year, among others, for the first half of the season? Plus, at the bottom I added my All-Pro teams at this point.

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NFL quarterback rankings after week six:

Now that we are six weeks into the NFL season, I thought it was time to rank all 32 starting quarterbacks as of right now. For this exercise, I’m trying to evaluate these guys regardless of the team they are on, while I will bring up the offense they are in and how they function in it, but try to judge them based on talent and the level of play. So I’m not going to hand out extra credit for hitting lay-ups and screens, and at the same time players will get credit for making things work despite bad O-line play and a lack of dynamic play-makers around them. To do so, I created separate tiers to tell how I feel about them and while I try to always put them into context, I will stats to back up my case.

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