Why Defy Life?

We started Defy Life as a way to represent those who live outside the box and test the norm. Those who go for it their way! Because, when it’s time to shoot that shot, spit that verse or close that deal…The. Only. Voice. That. Matters…IS YOURS! #DefyLife


Defy Life provides consistent news, in-depth commentary and enlightening features on sports, culture, entertainment, business, fashion and more! We tell our stories, our way! We embrace celebrating our culture, our beauty and our greatness. The Defy Life Crew has you covered!

Defy Life Cover


The Defy Life Podcast Network consists of an ever-emerging lineup of audio content, including our flagship, The Defy Life Podcast. Our shows keep you entertained and up to speed. Whether your interest is sports, fantasy sports, business, one-on-one interviews, television recaps or health and wellness…The Defy Life Podcast Network has something for you!

Podcast Network


Defy Life Gear is our branded apparel and merchandise. Stay stylish while you #DefyLife! T-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, jackets, hats…Defy Life Gear is where it’s at! Go be bold… Go be you…Go Defy Life!

Defy Life Gear Ad

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