Movies With Migs: The Northman (No Spoilers)

What’s going on readers! On the 13th I went to an early screening of The Northman, the latest from director Robert Eggers. I hadn’t heard much about this film prior to the screening but I’m a fan of the director’s style and the cast had some familiar names. I left the screening impressed! Filming took place in Ireland which made for some nice visuals. The plot was a slow burn but still engaging.

Early screening of The Northman/ The Northman in Dolby Cinema

In this film a young prince named Amleth survives a betrayal and grows up in exile as a Viking raider. As a man he is visited by a witch who reminds him of his promise he made to avenge his father and the kingdom he was supposed to rule. Amleth sets himself on a bloody path as he journeys back home to confront his enemies and confront them he does! The gore in the movie was harrowing to say the least. There was two fight scenes that made the screening audience say “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH”. Alexander Skarsgard brought a brooding, domineering presence to the screen as Amleth. He was jacked! I’m talking diesel!! When I realized this was the same doofy guy from Long Shot (he played the Canadian Prime Minister) I got a good chuckle. I enjoyed the supernatural aspects throughout the movie and the scenes involving magic mushrooms were wild! I liked the supporting roles of Anya Taylor-Joy (she has a cute little butt that gets screen time…haha) and Willem Dafoe. I don’t think this movie needed to be over 2 hours but it didn’t get boring and there is a death scene that is burned into my head. If you see this movie you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to when it happens. WHHHHEEEEEEWWWW!!!!
When I found out The Northman was playing in Dolby Cinema I had to go check it out in that format. The screening was in regular format and the visuals were nice. In Dolby…..AMAZING!!! The camera work really pops. I’m a big fan of Dolby so I might put the AMC A-List to use again for a third viewing. If you have AMC A-List or you don’t mind paying an arm and leg I recommend checking out The Northman in Dolby. There’s nothing wrong with discount Tuesday either. I’m glad I saw The Northman before I saw the trailer because the trailer I saw showed too much footage. It’s really annoying that trailers are made like that these days but I digress. Major shoutout to my brother J for hooking me up with that screening pass!!

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