Movies With Migs: Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

I’m a fan of the original so I was excited when I picked up passes to attend an advanced screening of Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard at Cinemark on June 10th. The next day I went to the AMC early access screening. After the events of the first film Michael (Reynolds) is still experiencing post-traumatic stress. Since losing his license to bodyguard due to the actions of hitman Darius Kincaid (Jackson) Michael can’t get the images out of his head. He sees Darius EVERYWHERE! Even in his dreams. His therapist tells him to forget body guarding and take a vacation. Michael takes her advice which turns out to be a bad move because Sonia Kincaid has tracked him down and says she needs him to help rescue Darius! The rescue turns into a super bloody mess and after a weird series of events the trio get forcefully recruited by Interpol to help save England from a madman’s vengeful plot.  

After seeing this film twice I can say it doesn’t have that same spark the original did. It has funny moments for sure. I laughed out a couple of times. There are parts that tend to drone on which is probably due to a super silly story. I’m still trying to figure out why Antonio Banderas was casted the way he was because WHAT?! It made me chuckle but really. I guess there weren’t any male Greek actors around. Morgan Freeman was just thrown into the mix as well. Salma Hayek had a bigger role as Sonia and she was a lot of fun. I didn’t even mind all the yelling! Her boobs should have been listed in the cast because they got ALL the screen time! Frank Grillo was a good addition also. He had some funny quips as Interpol Agent O’Neill. The action was slam bang and cheesy just like the first but overall the movie didn’t hit me the way the original did. If you are a fan of The Hitman’s Bodyguard check out the follow up. Do that on discount day though. I don’t know why cinemas have this movie in premium format, especially with A Quiet Place Part II being out now. There isn’t a need to pay over 10 bucks if you are going to see this movie in the theater. If you wait until it hits Redbox you won’t be missing out on anything….

Check out my video review here:

Migs Rodriguez


2 thoughts on “Movies With Migs: Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard”

  1. Still wouldn’t mind seeing this film. Migs does such a great job at not ruining movies.
    He gives you just the right amount of information to help you make up your mind if you are on the fence about spending the money for the experience.

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