Top 10 2021 NFL Draft Prospects Ja’Marr Chase of LSU and Kyle Pitts of the Florida Gators wowed all spectators with their respective Pro Day performances. News of their dominant performances spread across social mediums like wild fire and while there may have been some hyperbole associated with each prospect prior to the official measurables being announced it reached critical mass after their 40-yard dash times were made public.

At Couch Potato General Manager we recognize that athletic testing is part of the equation. However, we make it a point not to over-exaggerate its significance in comparison to their game film. Still, both players deserve credit for approaching their Pro Days, which amount to a job interview, as if they had been preparing for the biggest game of their lives. That should not be under-sold. However, if you’re making wholesale changes to your rankings and throw the “tape” out the window in lieu of these impressive times than you may want to consider adjusting your 2021 NFL Draft Prospect evaluation process.

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