MOVIES WITH MIGS: Wonder Woman 84 (Full Review)

What’s happening readers! If you have not watched WW84 you probably shouldn’t read on (unless you really want to). I’m not going full blown spoiler but I will be going into details over certain scenes so putting that out there up front. Good? Alright….Go time!

So after a few setbacks Wonder Woman 84 hit theaters and HBO Max on December 25th. AMC hosted an early IMAX screening a week before so I saw a good portion of the movie a week early. I say that because I dozed off for 20 minutes. That runtime….oof! The movie clocks in at 2 and a half hours but with the previews you’re in the theater for 3 hours. For me the film started dragging after the scene with the oil tycoon and Max Lord. I missed the White House scene the first time I watched. Ooops! It was a nice snooze though. The movie is visually pleasing in IMAX. There are some not-so-great CGI moments that stick out but for the most part the visuals were nice. The “I believe I can fly” scene was fantastic in IMAX. All the nostalgia was cool to see. Nothing like 80s gold! That fannypack man!!

The story didn’t blow me away. I appreciated Diana doing her Wonder Woman thing on the low key tip and I liked how she had to employ compassion and love instead of force in order to save the world but the story didn’t WOW me like the original. I didn’t have that excited feeling when I left the theater. I thought the way Steve was brought back was silly even though that sets up some fun moments in another guy’s apartment. I was impressed with Kristen Wiig as Barbara/Snow Leopard. Sorry….Cheetah. I just wanted more. Hopefully she returns somehow and looks more like a cheetah. Max Lord was very over the top. I wasn’t too familiar with the character going in so I did some research. Pascal’s performance wasn’t an exact match of how the character is in the comics but I can appreciate a businessman being corrupted once he has control of a powerful relic. “YOU HAVE TO WANT IT!!!!!” Haha. I felt like the “villains” weren’t really that. Wiig and Pascal’s characters aren’t bad people. We know that power can adversely affect people with good intentions though. It’s a familiar theme. The villain in this movie was people’s negative desires and fear so Diana had to adapt in order to stop a global crisis. I think Gadot handled that well. I could feel her depth of emotion, especially during her monologue to the people. She is terrific as Wonder Woman and I hope she continues in the role for a few more times. Side note: That scene with her in that white dress during the Smithsonian party had me like “HEYYYY DIANA……I SEE YOU!”.

Overall, I liked WW84 but I don’t love it. Terrible, nope. Not by any means as far as I’m concerned. To kind of quote Max Lord…….”It was okay, but it could be better!”. I’ve seen it a few times since my initial viewing so I was able to look at things with a different lens and mindset. Shoutout to Dolby Cinema! I went to see Wonder Woman in that format and passed out. Gotta love those comfy chairs! I’ll be adding WW84 to my collection when the Blu-ray drops. Hopefully there will be a dope steelbook edition. I am on standby to see if the third Wonder Woman movie will be more thrilling. Dun dun dunnnn…….

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I also joined my fellow Defy Life brothers from Take A Knee for a WW84 themed discussion on their podcast. You can listen to the show here: Episode 105- Wonder Woman 84 w/ Movie Man Migs – Take A Knee For Marvel Vs DC | Podcast on Spotify

Migs Rodriguez


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