Movies With Migs: Monster Hunter (Spoiler Free)

Monsters on the big screen? SOLD!!!!! When I saw the trailer for Monster Hunter I knew I was in. The trailer shows too much (as they do these days) but I wasn’t going to miss out on seeing these crazy looking creatures in the theater. When I went to book my ticket I had the option to watch it in Dolby Cinema. SCORE!!!!! It was a fun time and I want to watch this one again in IMAX.

I went into this one blind for the most part. I knew the movie was based on the video game series from Capcom and the objective of the game is to hunt and trap monsters. The trailer presented something different though. The movie is like a mix of Battle: Los Angeles and Pacific Rim. There’s a strange world filled with terrifying creatures and somehow a squad of Soldiers on a rescue mission gets transported to this world. The squad realizes they aren’t on Earth anymore when a gigantic monster comes out the ground and goes on the attack. The Soldiers escape but they have to fight back against other building sized monsters and bugs while trying to figure out how to get back home. Monster Hunter was a visual romp. If you’ve seen the trailer you know EXACTLY what you are getting with this one. It was a fantastic watch in Dolby Cinema. The monsters really popped on the screen. The slam bang action was cool and I even appreciated the cheesy dialogue and terrible one liners. Felt like the 90s! Ahhhhhhh, the memories! Seeing Leeloo Dallas Multipass and Ong Bak team up was a good time. I was laughing at some of their interactions. Co starring with Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa is TI, Megan Good, and Ron Perlman. If you like monsters and popcorn action then this one is for you. Check it out if you have theaters open in your area. If you have A List or you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars then watch Monster Hunter in a premium format. Your eyes will enjoy the spectacle. That’s it for now folks!

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2 thoughts on “Movies With Migs: Monster Hunter (Spoiler Free)”

  1. Read your review following a Facebook post I had made and you had replied to. I read about the Japanese company Toho being somehow involved in this. Did you by chance notice if the Toho logo or name was in the credits anywhere? Second question…you seemed to like the movie as solid popcorn entertainment. How would you compare to other video game inspired movies, such as Rampage and Battleship (both of which I really enjoyed)


    1. Toho is on the poster and named in opening/closing credits. Toho distributed this movie in Japan.

      I liked this more than Rampage but Rampage is solid. I was a fan of Rampage the game growing up. I thought the effects were solid but I would have went more horror than action adventure. Haven’t seen Battleship in its entirety. It was okay from what I remember.


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