What’s happening readers!! Last Friday I made it to the theater to see Come Play, a horror/thriller about a monster trying to make a boy his “best friend” by taking the boy to his world…….FOREVER! I found the film to be enjoyable even though it wasn’t scary. It had some creepy moments which turned out to be a lot of fun for me because I was in the theater by myself. I was ignorant! Like….ignant! Yelling at the screen. Telling the kids to run!! Saying “OOOHHH NOOOOOOO” really really loud! HAHAHAHA. Ahhh good times!

In this film a story about a monster named Larry mysteriously starts playing on young Oliver’s tablet. Oliver doesn’t have friends due to his autism so the story tells him that Larry will be his friend. Larry decides that Oliver should be his best friend which really means terrorizing him through his tablet and other electronics. When Oliver attempts to communicate to his parents that a monster is after him they think he is lashing out. Strange things start happening as Larry begins to materialize in the real world. Oliver’s parents and other kids are attacked and they realize that Oliver isn’t making this story up and Larry has to be stopped. Even though this movie didn’t scare me I liked the use of children in the story. It made certain scenes extra eerie. The young actors did a good job portraying fear and it made me think about being a kid and hearing noises in the house when it’s late at night. CREEPY!!!! As I mentioned, I was yelling at the kids to run when Larry was after them. **Chuckles** Kudos to Jacob Chase for a decent directorial debut. I enjoyed the thrills that were set up and I’d watch Come Play again. I recommend it for a theater discount day or a Redbox night. I was surprised this is still in the theater because the movie came out on Halloween and attendance is still low because of the pandemic. I do enjoy an empty theater though!If you’ve seen the film let me know what you thought about it.

See my video review here:

Migs Rodriguez


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