Movies With Migs Back In The Theater!

What’s happening readers!! Theaters in my area have opened back up and as you can see from the pic below……I’ve been back!! I’ll be going over my experiences and I’ll also be reviewing 4 films. Time to dive in!!

I found out Regal theaters in Delaware and Pennsylvania were opened up before Maryland got the okay to open theaters last month. I took a short trip to King Of Prussia to visit the Regal/United Artists IMAX on September 1st. I can attest to the COVID precautions and no-contact transactions. Patrons are required to wear a mask and there were sanitation stations set up. Other theaters I visited were set up the same way. I’ve been to the movies 4 times since visiting King Of Prussia and every time it was mostly empty. The theaters are reduced capacity so once you choose your seat(s) the seats around you are closed off for social distancing. I was the only person watching Peninsula. Tenet only had 7 people watching. Personally I love an empty theater but I wondered how chains were going to sustain themselves since the virus has adversely affected the movie business. Regal closed all their theaters in the US and UK on October 8th after it was announced that the new James Bond film would be delayed until 2021. AMC, Cinemark, and a few smaller chains are still open in the US but for how long is the question….DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!! Maybe drive-ins will make a huge comeback. We shall see.

I have 4 film reviews for you so let’s take a look at Peninsula, Tenet, Unhinged, and Honest Thief.

Peninsula: Peninsula is the follow up to the zombie thriller Train To Busan and I have to say that it’s far less impressive than Busan. After the zombie virus ravaged South Korea a few years back it was quarantined and blocked off by military barricades. Why someone would voluntarily go back to a place overrun with zombies is crazy however a rag tag team takes a mission to retrieve money left there. What could go wrong, right! What about the barricades you say? No worries……just pay the government off! I was disappointed that this follow up didn’t have that tension Busan had. I found myself laughing during the scenes where the zombies looked like the hordes from World War Z. There’s even a teenager who drives Tokyo Drift style into zombies to knock them over. I’m surprised there weren’t bowling sounds. Peninsula felt like someone took Zombieland, Train to Busan, and World War Z and put them in a blender. I didn’t think it was a terrible film but it really didn’t do much for me. This would have to be a cheap bin purchase when it comes to physical media.

Tenet: I saw Tenet in an empty Dolby Cinema. I love Dolby because the presentation and the sound is amazing and Tenet is one of those movies that is a better experience when you watch it in a premium setting. I liked John Washington as the lead and he made a great duo with Robert Pattinson. I enjoyed the action sequences and the choreography as well. What I found to be odd was Christopher Nolan’s screenplay. Washington plays an unnamed CIA agent who has to stop World War III, using some sort of inverted time travel to accomplish his mission. The inverted time travel was off to me and the movie explaining things didn’t offer much clarification. There’s a scene when Washington’s character is being briefed on inversion by a scientist and the scientist says “Don’t think about this too much”. I wondered if that was for the audience. I could be very wrong about this but I felt like Nolan wrote and produced this movie for himself. The set pieces are great and the casting worked well but the story was convoluted in my opinion. I’m going to watch it again but not anytime soon. If you’re a fan of Nolan’s films and theaters are open in your area I’d recommend checking it out. If you have AMC A List check it out in Dolby or IMAX. The visuals will be nice. I’m interested in hearing from someone who wasn’t confused by some of the plot. Anybody? Bueller……..

Unhinged: Russell Crowe plays a psycho who torments a woman and her son after a verbal altercation at a traffic light. Unhinged is a basic popcorn thriller. It’s entertaining but not memorable. Some parts had me like “MANNNN GET OUTTA HERE”. The cat and mouse aspect was cool but Crowe’s character being able to tear through New Orleans mostly untouched made me side eye because the movie establishes that the police were actively looking for him. The poster listing Crowe as an “Academy Award winner” didn’t help this flick! I’ll buy the DVD if it’s 2 bucks.

Honest Thief: Liam Neeson does a great job playing himself in action thrillers! Neeson is Tom Carter, a crafty thief who uses his expertise to rob banks. He has a method which ensures he never has to kill anyone and he won’t get caught. Carter meets Annie (played by Kate Walsh) and decides to give up his criminal life so he can have a normal one. Carter tells the FBI he will turn himself and all the money in for a reduced sentence. Two agents come to check his story out and when they find out he was telling the truth they decide that millions of dollars should be theirs for the keeping. That’s when the thrills begin. I liked this movie even though I thought 20 minutes could have been cut from it. The action sequences are decent and the small dose of romance was nice. I saw this in Dolby Cinema (only because I had a voucher) but this movie isn’t anything visually special. Regular presentation is fine if you are interested in seeing this on the big screen. If not I wouldn’t say you were missing out. I’m sure this movie will be on TNT in a few years.

That’s it for now! I’ll have another “Original VS Remake” posted soon so stayed tuned and hit me up on Facebook and Instagram at “Movies With Migs” to see my live video reviews.

Migs Rodriguez

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