Episode 82. “Stay In Your Lane”

Check In: Kim Has A Twin; 10,000 downloads Is Right Around The Corner; Lin Casts Her Vote; The Tie Dye Party Was On and Poppin; and the New Platform is revealed!!!!
News and Entertainment: Alyssa Dayvault literally gets away with murder; Richland School District 1 is in BIG trouble; Who is Tory Lanez; Flo Rida isn’t so nice (alledgedly); Gabrielle and Jessica Hit the Unemployment Lines and Fair Bryant finally gets justice.
What Do You Think About This? A White Person Who Has The Right To Dislike Blacks; The Homophobic Boyfriend; Dad vs Stepdad and What Exactly Is A Hole In The Wall?
This Ain’t Got Nothing To Do With Nothing: Don’t Dry Your Vapor Max; Livers and Gizzards and who is Clifford Lamont?


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