Defy Life Spotlight: Marley Young

Do you know Marley Young? You may have heard his name being touted by Tech N9ne, or maybe you saw the IG video of Nelly rocking out to his break out single ‘Drip Crip God’

Check out the interview as Marley talks with J.R. below.

Enjoy the rest of Marley’s bio as well!

Although Marley is no stranger to the game, his burgeoning hip hop career has been on the upswing in recent years. Most noted for is cool demeanor, lack of gimmicks and raw talent, it is no wonder that he has been deemed “next up” by industry hitters.

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, a young Marley was enamored by the arts and the idea of creativity. Having entered Shakespearian competitions and written scripts could only catapult the then young talent into the stellar artistry that we now witness.  

His hometown has provided the perfect backdrop for Marley to paint the robust and colorful pictures that so many look forward to through his music, The Marley Experience. 

Marley Young has been busy. Behind the scenes he has penned for Hip Hop notables, Gucci Mane and Young Bloods. He and his team have launched, HITM Music Group, a Kansas City based label that will nurture and develop local and independent talent. His cup runneth over!

His dues in the game have not gone unnoticed. You can catch Marley on the Tech N9ne’s latest album as a feature titled, ‘For Ya Love’. His other break out singles, ‘Makaveli’ and ‘Drip Crip God’ can be found on Spotify and are headed to a stage near you. 

Do you know Marley Young?  We all will soon enough. Stay tuned because The Marley Young Experience, is for sure not one that you want to miss. 

Instagram & Facebook:  @MarleyYoung

For press inquiries – Raychelle LeBlanc,

Sizzle –


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