Movies With Migs: Justice League Dark Apokolips War (No Spoilers)

The Justice League has fallen!!! After their preemptive strike on Darkseid fails Earth is left vulnerable to a massive invasion so other heroes and villains have to band together to stop the onslaught of Darkseid’s conquest!!

This film serves as the “final” entry to the DC Animated Universe. Apokolips War is the concluding chapter of an arc that started with Flashpoint Paradox and it goes out with a bang!! There were some interesting consequences after the League failed to stop Darkseid. The weight of loss is certainly felt through dialogue and dynamics between characters. It was harrowing to see what happened with Superman and Cyborg. When I first watched this film I was like “Dannnnnnngggggggggg….Darkseid isn’t playing games!!”. Tony Todd, aka Candyman, was a great casting pick for the voice of Darkseid. There is a scene where he goes on a murder spree and it might just leave you bug eyed. Todd’s voice helps makes that scene all the more eerie. The other battles that go on throughout the film are hardcore as well. This movie is bloody! I’m talking Mortal Kombat levels of blood! The war reaches a global scale and the writers did a great job of creating high levels of tension. You want the rag-tag band to triumph against Darkseid but you really don’t know what the outcome is going to be. Overall I found this entry to be highly enjoyable. I liked seeing the JL, Teen Titans, and members of the Suicide Squad working together. As a fan and a nerd I was cheering internally seeing how the rules change for heroes and villains when their backs are against the wall. You get to see multiple people shine. You also get to see people fail and die, so be prepared! The animation is fantastic and I picked up the exclusive Blu-ray steelbook edition from Target so that case art is awesome. Steelbooks are my jam! I do have one gripe with Apokolips War and I can’t frame what I want to say without spoiling the film so I’ll just grumble instead. Those who have seen this already may know what I’m talking about. I will say it’s not a gripe just for this movie. It’s a gripe with a theme present in this movie and others. It’s fine though. I got over myself because I dug the film and I recommend checking it out if you haven’t. WARNING…..The brutality and a few f-bombs is why this one is rated R so if you’re a parent you may not want to let the small kiddies watch it. Do check out some of the previous entries to get ties-in and references that lead up to this finale. You don’t have to watch every film that came before Apokolips War, but I recommend watching the following:
Flashpoint Paradox (definitely watch this one)
JL: War and JL: Throne of Atlantis
Justice League vs Teen Titans
Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
JL: Dark

At the beginning of the review I had final in quotations because the next DC Animated feature is going to be released late August/early September of this year. Be on the lookout for that.

To the readers: I hope that you are safe and doing as well as can be during these times. Please come visit me on Facebook at “Movies With Migs”. I look forward to hearing from you!

Migs Rodriguez




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