black hate on full display

Black Hate On Full Display

On episode 77 Lin and I discuss the anti-democratic, code name for anti-black views of Candace Owens Farmer.  As mentioned in the episode I knew nothing about this woman until a few months ago.  Surprisingly neither did Lin. I first saw her on a post about Ahmaud Arbery.  At first she was speaking so eloquently, so passionately I decided to listen closer.  Then I started actually LISTENING to what she was saying.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  She was actually blaming Ahmaud for his own murder.  I knew my ears had to be deceiving me, but unfortunately I was not being deceived.  At that point I had to start my research on this woman who had so much vitriol for black people. 

In my opinion, something has to be absolutely wrong with this woman.  Lin and I are both pretty reasonable.  We can separate issues and use logic in most cases, even when we are in total disagreement about an issue.  However, it is clear Candace cannot do the same.  I watched hours of videos and posts, and each time I came away feeling more and more dumbfounded. 

No matter how a person tries to run from the truth, no matter how much money a person is paid and no matter how much a person tries to convince themselves the lies they speak are true….. self-hate runs deep.  

Check Out Episode 77. 

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