History Made In Richland County

On Episode 76 Lin and I were absolutely ecstatic to discuss Naida Rutherford in our Main Topic. 

She is an amazing woman who decided to follow her dream and run for Coroner of Richland County in South Carolina. She put a team together and they BELIEVED!! Not only did she run for Coroner, she WON. With the victory, history was made in Richland County.  Naida was the FIRST Black and FIRST female coroner- elect!!! The turn out was amazing. Naida received 30,347 votes,  59% of the total vote (it really wasn’t close).  We are so proud of our listeners and our Richland County voters. We were honored to support her and we hope in some small way our SUPPORT contributed to her victory. AEN and The dEFYLIFe Podcast Network will be there to support Naida on her journey as Coroner.  Way To Go Naida❤

Check Out Episode 76 to hear why we chose a WINNER. 


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