The effects of protest : Just my thoughts..

I dont think I’ve ever seen anything like this.  Here’s where we are.

1.NATIONWIDE….WORLD WIDE “BLACK LIVES MATTER” movement, protest, and demonstrations.
2.Global and National companies are being compelled to make their stance known.
3. Police officers are actually starting to be fired and charged for abuse of power.
4.The NFL had to publicly come out and acknowledge its terrible views and mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick
5. People are being out’ed for their racist comments on social media and being fired, all over the country.
6. Hundreds of millions of dollars are now pledged for advancement of minority issues.
7. Legislation is now starting to be put on the drawing board to govern these matters better.
8. Confederate Symbols and Monuments are on the table for being removed from public domains.

9….Oh..and NASCAR is banning the Confederate flag….wooowwwwww.

….Looks around…opps ..I think we broke something..
Lets keep breaking shit….see what else we can change!

Is Lindsey Graham next?
Don’t forget to vote!
Lets keep working #blacklivesmatter#BLM
I say it proudly!
Oh and..Defylife!!


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