On The We’re Not Through With 1972 CDST Show (Part 2):

On The We’re Not Through With 1972 CDST Show (Part 2):

— “I need, Don Corleone, those politicians, that you carry in your pocket like so many nickels and dimes”
— When 30% for finance and legal protection just isn’t good enough…
— “Santino, what’s going on with you … I think your brain is going soft … never tell anyone outside the family what you’re thinking ever again”
— ChabDog forgets his “elbow cough” maneuver
— Reflections on Tank’s great American adVENTure in hr 1
— Garcetti’s left wondering how he came this close to getting tarred with confetti
— Jews may not be big on hunting rifles and 38 Specials, but we’ve been known to rise up and throw down a Molotov cocktail on occasion.
— Well-read unsuccessfully tries to turn the tide of the conversation to Hong Kong, as he leads us on a donnybrook to decipher the true date of Ferris Buehler’s Day Off (Was it really June 5, 1985?/ Dude… the movie came out in ’86)
— Giving co-host Keller a soundtrack for denounce Donald public service messages (Steely Dan’s “Only a Fool Would Say That”)
— Time for cutting class and rolling joints … Alice Cooper says school’s definitely out!
— A record album that comes in a cover of panties, which opens up like a desk … how imaginative
— Why is it impossible to turn on the Decade channel and not find an accumulation of Agnes Moorehead.
— Loving the collection of stars on Love American Style, including “Caretaker” from the Longest Yard, who bears a striking resemblance to Bob Lilly
— Hey Mr. Host, get your All-star games straight … Rose broke Fosse’s chassis in 1970, not 1972…. ’72 was the …game where Pops popped one out of Dodger Stadium… no that was ’73.
— Apologies to icon Jerry West; we’re giving you back those 5 points that were taken away from your lifetime scoring avg.
— Another Love American Style Update… that is the Brady Bunch Kitchen, without Flo Hendu….and is that Dick York or Dick Sargent (hey, some of us are very confused by the two Bewitched Dicks)
— A stroll through the 1972 Presidential Election memory lane, including the shocking news about Thomas Eagleton, along with all the fuss about Muskie’s Canuck letter, and later, his watery snowflake moment, all set amid the backdrop of Nixon’s dirty tricks (“There’s no crying in politics!”)
— Who knew you could fall from a lot more than grace (actually from 30,000 feet) and sail throw snuggled in the tail
— Who knew portable radios were so expensive in El Paso; listen in to our way cool clip of the King of Cool making his big getaway with the lovely Ali MacGraw.
— Time to erect a huge monument to Woody’s “Everything you ever wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask” — “I’m a graduate of NY University….We’re gonna make it! … Hey why do you look so scared… who flashed the scared expression… Mission control prepare for launching…This is the adrenal gland…I’ve made it in cars before, but always in hard tops… Let’s go boys, get it up! Roll out the tongue. What’s going on down there. All systems go! I’m not laughing Sydney, honest. We have [one] at 45 degrees.” Yes, the body is truly a corporation unto itself.
— Yes, in 1972 big Bruin Phil Esposito should’ve gotten an ESPY for his great work with the stock
— Did I just think I saw Barbara Eden, because I was dreaming of Jeannie?
— Poor Pete ends up beating his bat on the street, as he ends the unnaturally short season at 198.
— Has anyone actually seen Godfather 3, other than Brian … we get a suspiciously murky description
— ChabDog hits a mental block when he can’t remember Dan Blocker
— Settling on a short and sweet ending with The Candy Man

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