June 2020 Patron Of The Month: Migs Rodriguez

Checking in for our June Patron Of The Month.

June 2020 Patron Of The M Rodriguez

Member Since: September 2019

1.  Where Were you born? New York City, New York 

  1. What is your real name, If you don’t mind sharing LOL? Mike Rodriguez-Gist Jr
  2. What Is/Are Your Favorite Color(s)? Blue…Black is runner up
  3. What Do You Do For A Living? Logistics Management for the Dept of Def
  4. Favorite Vacation Destination, Visited or Would Like To Visit? I love visiting NYC, and I’m up there often (family, friends, comedy shows). I would like to go to Africa and Japan in the future.
  5. Favorite Meal, Food and/or Restaurant? Can’t say no to a tasty slice of pizza. I don’t really have a favorite restaurant. I like to try different places, especially non chain restaurants. Some of the best food I’ve eaten is at mom and pop places.
  6. Favorite Radio Station or Artist or both? I wasn’t a big fan of radio coming up. I always made my own mixtapes and cds. I still have cases of cds I listen to. I’m an avid listener of IHeart Radio and I recently got a Spotify account. My genres of choice are Soul, R&B, and Hip Hop.
  7. Best Concert Ever Attended? I seen Anita Baker live twice in my life. AMAZING!!
  8. What are you passionate about?  I’m passionate about family and keeping those bonds strong. I’m also passionate about writing and creating narratives that paint pictures inside minds. It helps me write from a different perspective when I put together reviews for Movies With Migs, and in other works I’ve drafted.
  9. What Do You Like To Do For Fun? Be with my lady Jeanna and go on adventures with her. Spend time with family and friends. Watch movies of course. Read. Go to the gym. I’ve discovered naps in my 30s. Lots of fun!
  10. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be, if anything?  SAVE MORE MONEY!!! I wish I could send a text to my 17 year old self that said that…..
  11. Five Things You Want To Tell Us About Yourself that many people may not know?  1) I graduated college in Hawaii    2) I’ve been an extra in some small movie productions     3) I’ve visited Kuwait and Afghanistan   4) I have a copy of Do The Right Thing signed by Spike Lee      5) I was a Junior Firefighter in my early 20s
  12. What is your Favorite Podcast Network and Favorite Podcast Show(s)? I love ALL the Defy Life Podcast Network. I really do. I listen to the shows when I work out. I love all the different perspectives. But being a nerd my fav is the homeys at Take a Knee. Shouts out to Regular Scott and Uncle Oz.
  13. What Made You Become A Patron For dEFYLIFe?  I’ve been doing movie reviews on my own for a while. I’m a huge movie buff and have access to early screenings so I can put my reviews out there before movies are released to the public. It helps to be first. I grew up with Hollywood Paul so he got me connected with Mr. Kingpin, JR, and we been rocking ever since. Of course I’m going to support the fam and my own Defy Life ventures.
  14. Favorite Part Of Being A Patron?  I appreciate being part of a platform that is made up of professionals who enjoy what they do. Defy Life isn’t just a network. It’s a family. I support family. Not only am I a patron, but I’m a member. Being part of Defy Life has helped Movies With Migs grow and reach people I wouldn’t have imagined. In 2 years my Facebook page (see Movies With Migs…cheap plug) went from 340 of my FB friends as followers to close to 1K. I love listening to Defy Life Podcast Network and I stay fresh in the Defy Life Gear…AYEEE!!! I also appreciate all the community activities some of the Defy Life members are involved in. Positive role models who actually care are in short supply, and I see the level of work being done. That’s love. I’m looking forward to all the growth of the network and all of us members!

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