Hurt Me With The Truth

On this weeks episode I discuss which is best, telling someone the hard truth or telling someone a lie.

This topic came up because I came across a Facebook live with Malcolm “MJ” Harris and his friend Corey.  They were having an intense conversation about relationships and monogamy.  They were thinking about taking the relationship to the next level, but before they did a serious conversation had to take place.  It was clear Malcolm’s core relationship philosophy was that of exclusivity and commitment.  On the other hand, Corey’s core relationship philosophy was one of openness and non commitment…. Houston, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!  What do you do in a situation like this? Do you tell the truth like Corey, or do you tell a lie to spare the others person feelings? 
This needs to be examined.  Let’s start by defining truth and lie.  Truth- What is real; the true or actual state of a matter.  Lie- an assertion that is believed to be false.  I can’t say that it has always been easy to tell the truth, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.  It’s something about hurting a persons feelings with a truth that just doesn’t feel right. On the other hand, I can tell a person a lie and cause just as much or more pain.  So why not just tell the truth?  It really doesn’t make sense. It’s almost a no win situation. Now I must be honest, I wasn’t always a truth teller, especially in my twenties. I’m not talking about little white lies, I’m talking about those lies that can change the dynamics os a relationship in a matter of seconds.  It took maturing and growth to understand the importance of telling the truth.  Growth was very important in my journey.
I prefer to be told the truth and to tell the truth.  I may get mad, I may be sad, and I may even shed a tear or two, but at least I know what I’m dealing with. Give it to me and let me decide what to do with it.  Once I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, my job is done!!
In episode 73, I share an experience of telling a hard truth.  Listen to the Main Topic and tell me what you think.
I love the adage  “the truth shall set you free”  I try to live by it everyday.

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