I got me


“You ain’t gotta be beneficial, but you gotta be resourceful” – ChakraTae

“When you got you, no one else can get you”, words I spoke a few nights ago describing the space I ‘be’ in and operate from as I believe myself to be gotten. I was around a new group of people, that are tightly bonded, with in the place as the “new comer”; each sharing their experiences of first meeting me (I may or may not be a lot).

The energy about the room was of extreme power as each human in the room lives and exists at a very high frequency. Each person has had a glimpse of being “gotten” in their lives, we are all on our own journeys toward self-actualization and are all in different places on that journey.

Suddenly, the energy changed when someone else entered the scene. Believing they are a part of the group (because we do a very wonderful job welcoming all); this individual came at me. Since I am grounded in my journey and got me, I remained even keeled and was able to sit back and allow that person to be heard. I recognize that we are all at different places in this journey (some don’t even recognize it as such) and since I am aware of this, I responded accordingly and kept it moving.

This situation was a needed reminded to only surround myself with beings in a similar dimension, sharing like-minded dynamics – Granted, I did not have control of the invite list, nor did I want to be disrespectful to the host, but what I can control is where my energy is spent- The rest of the evening, I was not rude toward this person, I simply spent my energy where it was warranted.

Alternatively, this situation brought up another interesting reaction; these same people that have very recently met me felt it in their hearts to protect me. That response prompted a follow up question, “Meaghan you’ve got a lot of people that want to and do protect you, how come?”

After marinating on that query, here’s my conclusion: I am so present to my journey that I expose myself (not to a fault, it just exists) and when people I’ve touched see my exposed, they want to ‘got me’ so no one else can. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT! Since I got me, others got me, too.

I give myself 100% of the time, all the time because I trust the path that I am on and the people that receive me (the 100% me) want to have my back. It’s also because of this that I am empowered to always protect anyone that care for me. Henceforth, I get what I need, never on schedule but always on time.

Rooting myself in trust of my journey has allowed for me to be gotten, and being gotten (to me) represents the recognition of self-actualization as a way of life. Trust what is happening and what is being experienced; refrain from trying to understand or define it. Remember, the truth isn’t real.

Realizing that my potential, in the words of Maslow, “what a man can be, he must be”, includes being a (re)source of energy for others, I had to change the plans that were set for today and recharge, me. Comprehending what I (can [potential]) bring to the table is a powerful realization I wouldn’t have otherwise come to if the situation above didn’t occur. Because today, I took the day to recharge myself, so I can give my true authentic self so that others can take the energy I ‘got’ to give. Giving to myself lays the foundation for me to give to others.

Do what needs to be done to keep yourself, put yourself, or realign yourself with the journey you’re on; it has its peeks and valleys but is full of lessons that are learned when you’re ready to receive them. Be true to you so that you may be true to others.


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