Two Knees

This week on Episode 2 of One Eye Shut, we discussed ‘Proposals’.

Last week on Episode 1, we introduced ourselves to our listener’s and  told ‘The Story of Us’.  Please tune in to Episode 1 and learn a little more about how the lovely Alvin & Gina Glymph, Thomas & Chiquita Stephens and J.R. & Ladine Glymph met and the beginning of us.

This week on Episode 2 of One Eye Shut, we discussed ‘Proposals’.  Gina thinks that when the proposer or suitor puts some thought and energy, effort, makes a plan and executes in a way that the ‘proposee’ had dreamed of, that is her favorite type of proposal.  Gina also believes if you get turned down, you should have never proposed.  Periodt.  Alvin advises, find out what your lady wants.  Put yourself in a vulnerable position, whatever that looks like and make a ‘splash’.  Whether it is a stadium type extravaganza or an intimate family setting, put yourself out there.  I do not believe getting married sooner or later matters as much as you choosing to experience life with each other.  Learn the way each other moves in different settings, spend Holidays together, understand one another’s psyche, get to know the family and friends.  According to J.R., you can say what your time limit would be but you may not know until you are in it.  You can go into the relationship thinking you may need time and then be in it and choose to propose sooner rather than later, vice versa.  J.R. put a poll on FB asking “Is it okay for women to propose?”  Chiquita believes men should propose.  She went all the way in and noted that women already do too much.  We have the babies, bring home the bacon as well these days and men proposing is really the only thing they have to do because we do EVERYTHING else.  Men already get the goods.  So yes, they got to pay for it and get on one knee, or TWO…that’s right.  Thomas thinks if women want to propose, why not?  He strongly believes a man is not going to be pressured to say “yeah”, not for a baby or under any circumstances will he get married just to get married, or feel pressured to say yes just because she asked.  Thomas was badgered about his ‘Bojangles’ proposal and decided to explain.  Chiquita still wants Part II. 

Our perspectives come with life experiences.  Even though we may have done some of what we are saying we wouldn’t do now, it is because with the lessons learned we now get to say…  then again maybe not, or maybe so.  Great insight on relationships in general and what we choose to see or what we may not even be aware of is happening when you are in the relationship.  Be aware.  Embrace the moments.  Tune in to ‘One Eye Shut’, every Thursday.

“When a man loves a woman, it is one of the most beautiful things to witness in life.” 

– Ladine

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One thought on “Two Knees”

  1. Great show everyone. All I can say is to each His/Her own! What works for one is not going to work for all. Take the time to know, respect and fall in love with your mate before you propose. That will help with all of this!! Peaceb

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