Why Am I Angry?

On this weeks episode, the AEN elephant in the room is finally addressed, well kinda.

In my check in I give a little insight into why my sister and cohost has not been on the podcast over the past several weeks.
Lin and I had been grinding for sixty-six (66) straight weeks.  Talking everyday, sending topics and articles, listening to various media outlets, reading material, bouncing ideas off each other, you name it, we were on it, trying to make sure we had a great show for our listeners.  Then something changed. I could feel it in my gut, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  All I knew was AEN wasn’t the same, and it didn’t feel right.
Fast forward to a honest and hard conversation between co-hosts, friends, and sisters.  What I learned during this conversation was that my sister (Lin) was struggling.  Struggling with “LIFE” as she knew it.  Things got real, fast and in a hurry.  I needed Lin to be vulnerable and trust me enough to help her in her time of need.  But what we both realized was that my help was not what she needed. My help and support was not going to be enough.  She needed to do whatever it took to make herself feel better, regardless of the collateral damage, even if that collateral damage ended up being the podcast.
I must admit for a moment I was angry. I was angry that my “person” let me down. I was angry that my person quit on us.  I was angry that my partner in crime gave up on the AEN dream. I was angry because I couldn’t fix it.  I knew I  had to stop being angry. I had to change my way of thinking.  I needed to step back and understand that Lin’s struggles were not about me. Was I being selfish?  I needed to turn my anger into compassion and empathy and that is what I did.
Lin is now taking matters into her own hands.  I will play whatever role is asked of me.  I will be supportive and accepting of whatever decision(s) she makes. The only thing I want is for Lin to feel better in every aspect of her life. Whatever role I play in her journey, it will be without judgment.  I don’t know what the future holds for the podcast, but I do know two things for sure.  It’s been a hell of a good ride and I would rather be Lin’s sister than anything else.
Check out the entire show!

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