Movies With Migs: The Lodge (Spoiler Free)

Hello fellow movie buffs!! I know it’s been a while since I dropped a written piece, but if you are reading this I hope all is well with you and your family during the coronavirus situation.

I’m eager to get back into the theater to include being able to attend early screenings and special events however it’s been fun being at home and revisiting old films and watching new ones. I missed out on watching The Lodge in the theater earlier this year but I picked up a copy last night and watched it this morning. Here’s my thoughts…….

I’m a big fan of horror/thriller and movies that take you on a mind trip. When I saw the trailer for The Lodge I knew I was in. The setting looked creepy and I wanted to see how this one would play out. The Lodge is billed as horror but I would put it in the “psychological thriller” category with Midsommar. Like Midsommar, The Lodge is a slow burner, but I liked the payoff. The film follows the events of two children, Aidan and Mia, getting snowed in their father’s (Richard) lodge with his soon to be new wife, Grace. The kids don’t like that their father is “replacing” their mother (portrayed by my girl Cher Horowitz aka Alicia Silverstone), and the situation has added tension due to Grace having a very eerie past. By eerie I mean that her father was a cult leader. I’ll leave it at that. Richard has to leave the lodge to take care of business and that’s when things start to get creepy in the house. I liked the writing because it leaves you wondering what is actually happening as you are watching. Is it cabin fever setting in, or something else? And what’s with those dolls!! Haha. I enjoyed the movie. I’m probably going to watch it again soon. There’s a part I need to re-analyze.

Overall, I’d say The Lodge is a decent flick. The cast does a great job creating an uneasy atmosphere and it was good seeing Alicia Silverstone again. I haven’t seen her in anything new for a while. Riley Keough, who portrays Grace, looked familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I looked her up. She played in It Comes At Night, a horror thriller that I recently watched for the first time. That one is on Netflix if you are interested. She also plays in one of my favorites, Mad Max: Fury Road. Kudos to The Lodge for featuring The Thing, a movie I just revisited, and also Jack Frost, a movie I recently bought out of a cheap dvd bin. Seeing those movies made me chuckle. If you like tense thrillers you may like this one. I think it’s worth renting at Redbox if you aren’t interested in buying your own copy. It’s also on Hulu. I didn’t watch it on Hulu though. A lot of times content gets cut when films are shown on that platform so I don’t trust it for movies. If you’ve seen The Lodge hit me up on FB or IG and let me know what you thought!

Migs Rodriguez


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