On ChabDog’s Crazy Mama’s Day CDST Show (Part 1):

On ChabDog’s Crazy Mama’s Day CDST Show (Part 1):

— Belleville’s a long way from Bellevue … and Fleming couldn’t be happier
— How to use your hands like a pro making a pizza pie (no patience for air pockets)
— According to one of us, make way for more mayonnaise
— We roll out a red carpet, VIP invite to Tank for our Frank “The Original Tank” Cannon’s watch party.
— Can you really take years off your life by making “positive affirmations”? Rockford schools The Speaker.
— Ever seen a 6-yr old kid who watches “Project Runway”? Larry furthers the cause by gifting a sewing machine, which yields a shocking shammy.
— Anybody got the rookie card for Honus Vaagner?
— Mail in-only ballots and “zoom” debates … what is this world coming to?
— The wheels of progressive re-opening are grinding inexorably forward in California, notwithstanding Newsome’s active use restriction.
— Previewing Week 1, NFL … we like Pitt’s chances in NY against Big Blue
— When will MLB pick itself off the canvass and salvage the season (a regionally focused, half-season, ending with WCS in late December)
— South Korea uses a Blazing Saddles-style collection of ridiculous props, plus a protective bubble for the first pitch pitcher in an effort to safely sterilize the return of baseball
— How dare they shut down Frank’s freestyle coke vending machine? Well, the Gov. is saving from the dreaded $5 soda tax.
— Human beings will soon be tagged as regularly as a wildebeast in Marlon Perkins’ Wild Kingdom
— A blount rebuke of judicial authority in virtual courtroom
— You would not believe the home office clothes being worn by reporter Reeve
— Look for Backstabbers on next week’s show.
— Did Casey Casum/voice of Shaggy really go off on Snuggles the canine?
— Will the Patriots be tanking Trevor? Tank thinks so.
— Is it possible for a dog to be prejudiced? Have you met, Adolf?
— Would a black man ever chase a tornado?
— Get me some of those heated coffee coasters
— Don’t forget to put on that eminence front for next Monday


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