Liberty or Freedom

Unsupervised: The Spinoff Podcast crew goes deep in discussion of the shooting death of Ahmuad Arbery, and more. Episode 14.

Episode 14 can be found here. Episode 14

I was speaking with a friend of mine related to this shooting, and his words hit me differently.  He explained that

“Shit it always is. I tell people all the time; people of color were “liberated”- not FREED AND EQUAL.

Liberty means you have the ability to learn, work, earn money, and be taxed

Freedom is the life that you see white people  in America lead.

There is a HUGE Difference.
Liberty can always and also be put on hold by any citizen or authorities while a narrative is shaped.

That’s why they can just stop us, and hold us, or harm us if we “get out of line “.”

And it made me think of situations like South Park Susan, Pool Side Adam, or BBQ Becky.  Where people of color are just out exercising their “freedom”, while constantly  having our very presence and right to do so questioned by white counterparts.  In each of these scenes, the authorities were called to ” remove” the person(s) of color.  Mr Arbery was removed permanently.

People of color, yes…maybe you do have your liberty. But maybe you should ask yourself, do you actually have your freedom?

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