This week on Speak The Truth was absolutely entertaining as usual. We chimed in on several topics. However, this one really grasped my attention. The topic was…Take different qualities from characters of various movies or tv shows to Build their perfect mate..

We all have certain qualities that we covet, certain mannerisms we attract, certain smiles that we envision coming home to after a long days work. Just ponder…A picture perfect mate!

Everyone on Tuesday’s episode of STT aired a detailed characteristic sketch on how to build their perfect mate. I didn’t divulge mine until now.

I will begin with the innocence of Sanaa Lathan from the movie, “Love and Basketball.” Next, give me the humor accompanied with the angelic smile of Halle Berry from the movie, “Boomerang.” Now, the determination and resilience of Zoe Saldana in the movie, “Columbiana.” Lastly, the planning, problem solving, wit, craftiness, and loyalty of Kerry Washington in tv series, “Scandal.”

That’s my perfect mate. Click STT to hear the rest of the show…Speak The Truth Podcast.


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